Learning Styles To Use In Matric And Beyond


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If you find yourself struggling to remember content you’ve studied, the problem could be the learning style you’re using. Once you buckle down on the right learning style for you, you could be well on your way to improving your marks.


There are four conventional learning styles that take into account different techniques for memory retention. These learning styles can be used separately or together to give you the best results

The four learning styles are:

  1. Visual
  2. Auditory
  3. Reading/Writing
  4. Kinaesthetic

Now that we’ve identified these learning styles, let’s break them down.

1. Visual learning

A visual learning style describes those who learn best by seeing and observing. Some of the techniques used in this learning style include diagrams, graphs, maps and mind maps.

2. Auditory learning

The auditory learning style describes those who learn by hearing or listening and other sound-related study techniques. 

Listening to radio revision sessions as well as recorded class sessions is a good way to study and if you prefer this learning style.

3. Reading/writing 

While this might seem similar to the visual learning style, this learning style best describes those who prefer to write on what they’ve learned and read up on further research. 

This can be seen in learners who rewrite slideshow notes or even go as far as writing paragraphs and mini-essays about concepts they’re studying. 

4. Kinaesthetic learning 

This learning style is all about movement. Doing activities such as dancing or exercising while studying can contribute towards improving memory retention. 

While these learning styles can be used separately, they can also be used together because certain aspects can overlap. 

Combining these styles can lead to some unconventional learning techniques, which can be rewarding in the end, as they’re essentially tailor made for your needs. 



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