All You Need To Know About IEB Matric Rewrites


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If you are an IEB learner looking to rewrite your matric subjects through the IEB NSC supplementary examinations, we have provided all the information you need to know about these examinations. 


The IEB is an Independent South African examination agency. They set examinations for most private schools in the country. 

There are many circumstances which could lead to an individual wanting to rewrite their final IEB matric examinations, however the IEB has clarified who qualifies to sit for these exams. 

In order to qualify to write the IEB National Senior Certificate (NSC) Supplementary Examinations a learner must: 

  • have missed one or more examination papers legitimately, due to illness or trauma
  • require a maximum of two subjects to obtain the National Senior Certificate, or to achieve a higher category of achievement or to achieve results that are required for entry to higher education institutions. The learner must provide evidence from the relevant institution of the requirements which they need to achieve. 
  • only write subjects which the candidate wrote in the previous end-of-year examination.

If a candidate was absent from one or more of the external examinations, due to illness or a death in the family then they can register for the supplementary examination. 

If a learner has not met the minimum requirements to receive their National Senior Certificate but they require a maximum of two subjects to obtain the certificate then they can: 

  • Register for a maximum of two subjects for the supplementary examination in the following year. These subjects must be subjects that they had written exams for in the previous end-of-year examination. Part-time candidates are only able to do this once, namely after completion of the National Senior Certificate, that is his or her final end-of-year examination.
  • Register for Life Orientation, (which is) comprising an internally assessed component and a common task of assessment, as one of the two subjects to be registered for the supplementary examination in subregulation (a) of the Conduct of the examination document. The re-assessment of both components of Life Orientation must be completed within the period in which the supplementary examination is conducted.

If you repeat one or more subjects then you are allowed to combine these subjects based on the current National Senior Certificate requirements to obtain a National Senior Certificate. 

When combining these subjects, the candidate's performance in the seven subjects will be taken into consideration, provided that it meets the programme requirements of the National Senior Certificate.

If you are unable to get into your chosen higher education institution due to you not meeting the minimum higher education faculty requirements or the requirements for the specific occupation in the end-of-year examination, then you may be allowed to register for the IEB supplementary examination. 

This may only be done in the year after the end-of-year National Senior Certificate examination, in a maximum of two subjects, under the following terms: 

  • must be a candidate who is one requirement short in meeting the minimum admission requirements for Higher Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor's degree programmes requiring a National Senior Certificate; or
  • must be a candidate that provides documentary evidence that he or she qualifies for admission to a higher education institution or for an occupation, but does not satisfy the higher education faculty requirements or the requirements for the specific occupation. For this purpose, the end-of-year and the supplementary examinations will be regarded as one examination sitting.

If a candidate has been involved in an examination irregularity then they may be granted provisional enrolment for the supplementary examination, pending the outcome of the investigation.

A candidate who was not able to write or complete the end-of-year examination with a valid reason will be able to write the supplementary examination for the specific examination question paper that he or she did not write in the end-of-year-examination.

However, the candidate is allowed to write the entire subject, even they have been absent for one or more examination question papers. 

In order to meet the internal assessment and external examination requirements, the internal assessment of the Grade 12-year will be used, this includes practical or oral assessment marks where applicable. 

Click here for more information on IEB Matric Rewrites. 

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