How To Ace That Business Studies Essay


If a student intends to take on Business Studies as one of their chosen subjects from grades 10-12, it is expected that the student will be required to complete a series of business essays centred upon the themes presented in Business Studies for that particular year. Here's how students can write such an essay.



Business Studies is a rewarding subject to have, whether a student intends to pursue business in their future, or not. It issues a greater understanding of how the South African economy functions and offers up base-level business knowledge. 

However, to thrive in the subject of business, the student would have to be able to compile a succinct Business Studies essay. This essay-type forces the student to be able to contextualise their business knowledge in the real world, and the following reveals what an optimum Business Studies essay would look like.

Firstly, the student must note that a Business Essay will always make up a section in their exams and typically count out of 40 marks. It can come in the form of its own paper 2, during which the student would typically be required to answer two questions and write two essays. In other cases, the essay might only be a section in one paper, which would likely only allow for the student to write one essay, answering one question.

Once the topic of writing has been chosen, the student should ensure that their essay adheres to the general layout required of the essay. This includes writing headings and subheadings throughout the essay, including an ‘Introduction’ and ‘Conclusion’ heading. The introduction should not just be a mere repetition of the essay question, but rather a recontextualisation of the question. The conclusion will just summarise what was discussed throughout the paper.

Another important aspect of the layout is the need for bullet points. Bullet points should be used to introduce sentences rather than writing in paragraphs. There are 2 marks issued for the correct formatting, and outside of that, a good introduction and conclusion will award the student with 2 marks each.

The body of the essay should reveal a deep analysis and interpretation of points, rather than simply repeating what has been learnt in class. Exhibiting analysis and interpretation also counts for 2 marks.

Synthesis is also required and counts for 2 marks as well. This means that the student should avoid offering irrelevant facts within their writing. If the student shares only irrelevant facts, they will receive 0/2 marks. If they reveal a combination of relevant and irrelevant facts, they will receive ½ of the marks. Finally, if they share only relevant facts, they shall receive 2/2 of the marks.

Finally, originality also counts for 2 marks. This would include incorporating unique, real-life examples, current trends, and recent developments that can be interpreted within the context of the paper. 

The remainder of the marks will come from the body of content. Complete sentences will be rewarded with 2 marks each, and 2 original examples per point will ensure higher marks. Altogether, the paper should not be less than two pages to be of a high standard.

More information regarding the format of a Business Studies essay can be found below:




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