The Programme aims at exposing unemployed young graduates to workplace practices in order to maximize their chances of being employed.

PICeeds are looking for graduates/internships, who are self-motivated, achievement- driven and flexible; students who are able to think on their feet in a fast changing world, have great team-working skills and are passionate about what they do. 

The Graduate Development Programme (GDP) integrates academic knowledge and practical skills.

Our SAICA-accredited CA programme will give you practical training in financial management, management decision-making and control, accounting and external reporting.

Ford Motor Company South Africa runs a highly successful Graduate Trainee Program. Graduates from various fields of study, e.g. Engineering, Finance, Marketing, Law, Business etc. are provided with an invaluable opportunity to gain practical experience in preparation of securing a permanent position.

You will receive a world class Research Experience and Exposure as a Trainee in TNS and Millward Brown. This 12 month program will provide you with one of the best working experiences and a taste of what Kantar companies are about via rotation and exposure to three sister companies

Interested applicants should be graduates aged between 18 and 35 years old though up to 38 years old will be considered subject to certain conditions. 

The SARB is looking for productive and talented postgraduates to join its one-year SARB GDP in January 2019.

The Clicks Group has several exciting opportunities available for unemployed OMNI Digital Graduate to gain work experience in our innovative and stimulating IT Department.

You should graduate at the end of 2017 with either an undergraduate or honours degree in the fields required for the graduate position you are applying for.



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