EFF Student Command Launches Political School

The EFF Student Command believe in empowering students politically. In order to do so, they have launched an Online Political School. 

EFF Students Command is a South African student organisation which was founded in June 2015. It organizes students in institutions of higher learning striving for the transformation of an Anti-sexist, Anti-racist, working class biased and democratic education system.

The EFF Student Command describe themselves to be working towards, "the complete overthrow of a neoliberal anti-black system and the realisation of students' power." They have taken it upon themselves to launch their very own Online Political School taking place from 30 March until 3 May 2020.

In their statement announcing the launch of the Online Political School, they have stated, "Soldiers without revolutionary theory have been catalysts of the toxic misogyny, toxic gender constructs, women erasure and are part of the parasitic elements wrongfully characterising our struggle and our organisation today."

They have created a curriculum and aim to communicate the message of economic freedom and believe they can do so by teaching it. 

The five week long programme will follow this weekly programme:

  1. Ideological perspective
  2. Organisational understanding
  3. Gender, sexual orientation and the intersectionality of ideas
  4. Managing structures of a mass based student movement
  5. Towards free, quality, decolonised and well-resources education

The EFF Student Command believes that it is the responsibility of a revolutionary to be educated and believe that through this online school, they are empowering students. Seeing as they pride themselves on being an organisation wanting to advance the state, they want to do so by educating students in a way that will, as they state, give them power. 



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