GED Students Can Now Easily Apply To Study For A Degree In South Africa


In a first for a locally accredited Boston City Campus, GED students are now able to apply to study towards a Boston degree without first having to complete a higher certificate, or having to wait months for foreign conditional exemption from Universities South Africa.


In a first for a locally accredited Boston City Campus, GED students are now able to apply to study towards a Boston degree without first having to complete a higher certificate, or having to wait months for foreign conditional exemption from Universities South Africa.

Together with the GED South African office (, Boston City Campus is pleased to bring this information to GED graduates and their parents! “We are extremely excited to announce that our application and admission processes were reviewed, to allow for a more streamlined application and registration process, for applicants with a GED qualification,” said Sue De Roos, managing director at Boston.

She continues, explaining the reasoning behind this new policy. “We deal with thousands of applicants every year. What we have seen is that there is a need to minimise the admin challenges of higher education applications.

While some of us don’t give it much thought for others the fact that you have to complete so much official admin such as making copies of documents, having them certified, putting everything together in order to submit, and then have to wait for a response that can take months before you can apply at the institution of your choice, well we feel that this required a change”.

Sue adds in that each of these steps also involves travel and travel costs, or submission and other costs. “There is an inefficiency when it comes to time, fees and the ability to take advantage of higher education opportunities”.

Boston has a national footprint in South Africa, and has dealt over thirty plus years with thousands of school-leavers, with varying school-leaving qualifications.

In this time, they have had opportunity to interact with GED graduates and recognise the value of the qualification for direct entry to Higher Education. “In fact, these students are accustomed to the Boston teaching and learning methodology with e-learning, home study if one so chooses, independent study rather than live classroom based, and an active participant in academic material and assessment preparation”, says Sue.

With 47 nationally based campuses, Boston is able to facilitate on-campus assessments, exams, studying, and administrative tasks for students throughout South Africa.

At the same time, students can apply, register and study full online should they prefer. With the invigilator app, even examinations can be home-based.

There are over 80 career paths available at Boston, including Postgrad, degrees, diplomas and Higher Certificates for students to choose from.

Being a student focused institution, Boston therefore instituted a new policy for GED gradates applying for higher education at our campus, in order to improve on customer service and general application process experience.

These are the important points the campus can advise:

1. GED graduates no longer have to produce a SAQA evaluation certificate for enrolment with Boston.
2. GED graduates, who passed all four of their assessments, may enrol for any Boston SLP. The registration may be processed on receiving the GED applicant’s Diploma and Transcript.
3. GED applicants may be accepted for direct entry into a degree programme, without having to complete a higher certificate qualification (HEQSF) first.
4. GED applicants for bachelor’s programme registrations are still required to apply for Exemption from the Matriculation Board, irrespective of the fact that they may have completed a higher certificate qualification for admission, or if they are admitted directly to degree studies.
5. The cost of the exemption certificate is for the applicant.

There are further terms and conditions such as the age of the applicant, or when the graduate completed the GED, so applicants should contact their closest branch to make their inquiries.

For more information visit, or call 011 551 2000.




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