5 Colleges To Study Accounting In South Africa

5 Colleges To Study Accounting In South Africa

The ability to study Accounting in South Africa extends much further than just the major public universities in the country. Students can also study Accounting courses at a number of colleges and independent or private institutions that can be found all throughout the country.


South Africa consists of multiple public tertiary institutions that offer courses in the accounting field, this including the most notable universities that one associates with the country, such as the University of Cape Town (UCT), Wits University, Stellenbosch University and so on. 

There are, however, also a number of independent institutions, and colleges that also offer adequate Accounting courses for those who do not choose to complete their tertiary studies at public universities.

The following are 5 colleges and independent institutions that a student hoping to achieve a career in accounting could consider:

  1. College of Chartered Accountants (COCA) in Midrand is an Accounting institution that offers courses that will enable qualifications in the global body’s of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), and the Association of Chartered Accountants (ACCA), along with much more.
  2. Independent Institute of Education (IIE) VARSITY College’s School of Finance and Accounting in the Faculty of Commerce offers a Bachelor of Accounting qualification.
  3. Rosebank College, of which there are multiple branches around the country, offers a Diploma in Business Accounting.
  4. Oxbridge Academy, a self-described “private distance learning college” based in Stellenbosch, offers short programmes to attain Skills Certificates in Payroll and Monthly SARS, and Bookkeeping, whilst also offering National Qualifications in Financial Management.
  5. Finally, Pearson Institute of Higher Education, located in multiple locations across the country offers a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting.

It is not always necessary that students attend public universities, but it is beneficial for prospective students to be able to consider all their options of study, whether they be private/independent institutions, or public universities.

As for how you will pay your fees, options such as Fundi Educational Loans and bank student loans are available.

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