Internship VS Apprenticeship: Which One Suits You?

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Are you considering applying for an apprenticeship or internship to further your professional experience? Both these opportunities share a lot in common, but there are some differences to take note of before choosing which one is right for you.


After you finish school, there are different types of opportunities available such as internships and apprenticeships. How do you choose which ones to keep an eye out for and apply for?

Let's first define what exactly and apprenticeship is and what an internship is.

An apprenticeship is a long training program that teaches you the necessary skills in the organization while paying you a decent salary as well. Businesses provide apprenticeship programs to help you acquire the practical skills necessary to carry out specialized work. In a typical apprenticeship, you will be supervised by one or more skilled, experienced workers in the company.

An internship is a chance to discover more about a certain field, position, or business. In order to help college students and new graduates better understand a sector and identify their career interests, organizations frequently arrange internships for them. If you’re a student , before graduating, you might need to apply for an internship.

Let’s have a look at their differences in order for you to decide which suits you best. 

Type of Experience

As an apprentice, you gain practical experience through the direct application of your skills to the work. Because of this, you learn through actually doing the work rather than learning through people who do the work.

Contrastingly, as an intern you shadow an employee in the company to see how they do their work - you don’t actually get the work done. You note their duties and responsibilities that form a part of their job description. You could be required to assist in some basic administrative or supporting duties such as making copies.

Financial Compensation

Apprenticeships are paid positions, while internships sometimes aren't.

Apprentices are paid for their work because they contribute to the company.

Interns, on the other hand, might spend more time learning about the field than contributing anything. They could take experience or academic credits as payment, should there not be actual pay involved.

Job Opportunities

After completing an apprenticeship, you may have the opportunity to advance into an actual, official position at the company and receive a higher pay. Given that they spent a lot of time and money on your training, they may offer attractive salaries to have you work for them.

Completing an internship will look good on your CV but there’s no guarantee you can get a full-time position at the company once you graduate. With some companies, they aim to have you work up the ladder but some are just offering you that experience.

Now that you have a better understanding of each option and what it entails, which do you think suits you?

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