Mpumalanga Department of health provides traineeships in South Africa to aspiring nurses. If you are between the ages of 18 and 36, you could apply online to study towards a three year diploma in nursing. If you are successful you will receive a bursary for the duration of programme in the form of a monthly stipend, book allowance per annum.

Have you got a passion for taking care of people and you are looking to studying nursing? Well, here's all you need to know about studying Nursing at the University of South Africa (Unisa). 

If you've ever wondered how much nurses earn in South Africa, here's everything you need to know about a nurse's salary and all that can influence it. 

Applications to study at the Gauteng College of Nursing in 2023 are now open. Applications close this month so apply now before you miss this chance.

Getting into medicine is not easy. You might be on the path to matriculation but your marks don't qualify you to immediately study your desired medical career within a specific institution or course. A bridging course might be a suitable alternative to reach your goal. 

When you think of the word "nurse," you might imagine a general practitioner who helps people feel better when they're sick. But did you know that the nursing field is much more than that?

The nursing profession is a commendable and selfless one in which a licensed health-care professional is tasked with caring for the ill. The following is a breakdown of the post-matric qualifications a student would need to pursue this career path.


If you have started your studies in nursing then you may be wondering what postgraduate courses are offered in this field. Here is all you need to know about postgraduate nursing courses available in South Africa. 

Nursing is one of the most significant careers in the world today, especially during this time of a global pandemic of Covid-19.  In addition to this, nurses have a broad and far-reaching role and the main purpose is to provide passionate and quality healthcare service to their patients.

Since South Africa has been hit by the pandemic there has been a need for more healthcare workers, so why does the country need nurses? Keep reading to find out. 

If you are a matriculant or a student interested in a career in nursing but you aren't sure whether or not you qualify, we have what you need. There are various different institutions all over South Africa to assist you in gaining your qualification in nursing. 

If you are interested in studying nursing, there are many private and public institutions that have nursing programmes available in all provinces. 

Are you passionate about caring for the sick? Do you have an interest in the medical field? Becoming a nurse can be a challenging yet rewarding career path.

The Gauteng Health Department has signed the statute paving the way for the establishment of a single government-operated nursing college in the province known as the Gauteng College of Nursing (GCoN).

Applications are open for Student Nursing 2020 to study the Diploma in Nursing at four hospitals in Gauteng. Bursaries are available to cover the cost of the training.

Would you like a career in nursing? If you would like to study to be a nurse you should apply now for the Bachelor of Nursing degree at UFS.  You can apply online now.  Full details included in this article.

Thembelani Further Education and Training College is a registered and accredited college in Durban, Kwazulu-Natal. If you're looking for Nursing Colleges, look no further.

St Mary's Nursing College is a center of excellence in nursing education, nurturing nursing professionals who make a meaningful impact on the communities they serve.

Palmdene Investments provides nursing courses. Nursing is a highly sought-after career in South Africa and should you be looking for a place to study Nursing courses, Palmdene Investments will help you advance. 

If you're wanting to start your journey as a nurse and you're looking for where to study Nursing, Nursing and Primary Health Care Institute is an option for you.

Nicole Nurses Training School offers Nursing courses should you want to have a career in Nursing.