How Much Do You Get From SASSA For Grants?

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SASSA provides various grants to aid those in need of financial support, so how much do beneficiaries of these grants receive every month? Keep reading to find out. 


The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides social grants to help improve standards of living in society. They provide these grants to people who are vulnerable to poverty and are in need of state support, such as the elderly, people with disabilities and people with young children. 

The amount allocated to each grant provided by SASSA varies, the following are the current amounts received per grant:

  • Older Person (60-74 years old) R1890
  • Older Person (75+ years) R1910
  • War Veteran's R1910
  • Disability R1890
  • Care Dependency R1890
  • Foster Child R1050
  • Child Support R460 
  • Grant-in-Aid R460 
  • Special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) R350

SASSA grant holders can expect to receive their grants on the following dates over the next three months:

  • Older Persons:

03 June 2021

06 July 2021

03 August 2021

  • Disability : 

04 June 2021

07 July 2021

04 August 2021

  • Children's Grants: 

07 June 2021

08 July 2021

05 August 2021

For more information about the SASSA grants visit their website here

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