Outstanding Results From Reddam House Durbanville's IGCSE & A-Level Students


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Reddam House Durbanville is proud to announce the exceptional results of its students who sat for the Cambridge International IGCSE examinations in June 2023. With an enduring commitment to academic excellence, the results clearly underline the hard work of the students and the dedication of the teaching staff.


Breakdown of IGCSE Achievements:

  • 56 Grade 11 students participated in the June IGCSE examinations.
  • 209 subject distinctions were achieved by these students.
  • 27 of these students achieved an A aggregate.
  • The school achieved an exceptional IGCSE grade average of 79%.
  • 10 students attained above 90% as their aggregate average.
  • Out of the 16 subjects students wrote exams for, seven achieved an aggregate of over 80% and another seven showcased an aggregate average between 70% and 80%.

IGCSE Top 10 Results with Aggregate Averages:

  1. Soyeon Lee – 94.5%
  2. Danel Rossouw – 93.6%
  3. Emily van Wyk – 90.4% (tied)
  4. Eon Joubert – 90.4% (tied)
  5. Michael du Plessis – 90.4% (tied)
  6. Ethan Webber – 90.1%
  7. Nowa van Wyk – 90.0%
  8. Nicola Hugo – 89.7% (tied)
  9. Razeena Ismail – 89.7% (tied)
  10. Matthew Fortgens – 89.6%

Notably, Soyeon Lee achieved an astounding 99% in Mathematics, with her lowest score still impressively high at 91%. Additionally, out of the 209 distinctions achieved, 17 scored a remarkable 95% or more.

Two A-Level Students Excel:

Added to these excellent results, two A-Level students wrote the A-Level Language examinations earlier, as they accelerated their A-Level course in order to start their university studies in Europe at the start of the academic year in September. The two students are:

  • Sarah Webber – 92% for A Level French with a distinction in Speaking. Sarah will be doing a B Social Science degree at UCT, with subjects including foreign languages, politics and economics
  • Rafael Montero da Silva – 70% for A-Level Spanish with a distinction in Speaking. He will be studying a further two A-Levels at the end of this year

The Webber family is celebrating the exceptional results of both their achievers – Ethan achieving a 90.1% aggregate average in his IGCSE course and Sarah achieving 92% for her French A-Levels.

Barry Nieuwoudt, Executive Head of Reddam House Durbanville, remarked, " “These results reflect the dedicated efforts of our top-tier academic staff and the unwavering commitment of our students. A heartfelt congratulations to every student and a big thank you to our parents for their foundational support.”

Reddam House Durbanville caters to a dual curriculum, offering both IEB and Cambridge qualifications. The IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is an intensive 18-month programme that culminates in externally set, marked, and certificated examinations from the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education. Every student who completes an IGCSE subject is rewarded with a globally recognised qualification. Cambridge International is the largest provider of international secondary examinations for students aged 14 to 18 years.

“Reddam House Durbanville’s dual curriculum approach highlights our commitment to a global perspective on education, preparing students with qualifications that have international appeal,” concludes Ravi Nadasen, CEO - Africa for the Inspired Education Group.

For more information, visit the Inspired Schools website and click on Africa & Middle East link.

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