Boston ticks every box on your post-school checklist!


Helping you tick every requirement off your ‘where-to-study’ checklist is Boston City Campus! An accredited Higher Education Institution, Boston offers Postgrad, Degrees, Diplomas and Higher Certificates -full-time, part-time and online. At the centre of our institutional goals lies our commitment to the learning and development of our students -these form a culture of excellence, resilience, and entrepreneurship.


Our Methodology

  • We offer full-time, part-time and online study options
  • You can choose to study from home, work or one of our support centers
  • With our methodology your lectures are online and you will never miss a class
  • Your support centre is there to support you every step of the way – your journey at Boston will not be alone
  • Boston leverages the power of AI and a system called MaaS (Mentoring as a Service) to manage students. You will thus benefit from personalised monitoring
  • The institution’s training advisors use the technology to provide ‘personal attention’ to the students and virtually eliminate the gap in distance studies. Boston has always relied on technology as an effective learning methodology, because technology ensures academic consistency, quality, delivery and validity of all materials and knowledge transfer.

Over the years, Boston has successfully expanded its reach with more than 47 nationally based Student Support Centres (SSCs) that offer tuition support. Boston’s success is attributed to providing:

  • relevant,
  • market-related,
  • in-demand qualifications

that exceed industry requirements and closely link to workplace specifications. We create work-ready graduates!

External accreditation makes students global players.

Boston City Campus has been recognised and awarded accreditation as an Independent Higher Education institution by the British Accreditation Council (BAC). The BAC is recognised globally as an influential voice on standards and quality for the education sector. We like the concept of making our grads global citizens, so Boston is now also a candidate for accreditation of specific programmers by the ACBSP – the Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs (United States of America).

And once you have graduated, what next?

Boston established the graduate support services division, offering students modules on:

  • CV’s,
  • the interview process,
  • other vital job seeking skills.

How to Apply

  • Applications can be done online at . Application is free, no obligations
  • Don’t know what to study? Complete a free Career Assessment - value R599.

Tuition Fees can be paid upfront, or various monthly options, or you can apply for a study loan at Capitec Bank on our Boston website at

Entry requirements:

  • We do not use the APS score
  • We use the different passes on your Matric Certificate:
  • - Bachelor pass – opportunity to apply for bachelor degree studies
  • - Diploma pass - opportunity to apply for diploma studies
  • - Higher Certificate pass - opportunity to apply for higher certificate studies
  • - NCS pass – Boston short learning programme or occupational qualification
  • If you do not have endorsement to study towards a Degree or Diploma, we have alternative learning pathways to enable to you qualify for further higher education.


  • In existence for over 31 years
  • A national footprint with over 46 Convenient locations
  • A student body in excess of thousands
  • Textbooks included in tuition fees – no additional cost for books.
  • Higher Education students have access to a complete online library to assist with research
  • Boston offers its students an MTN 30gig data package at R99
  • Rated the top in Africa, and third globally, by CompTIA
  • We have accredited International Examination Centres
  • Voted Coolest College in South Africa (Sunday Times 2021)
  • Voted Best College for 13 Years (The Star “Your Choice” Awards)
  • Voted Best Online Provider (new category) by the Star readers in the Your Choice Awards 2021.
  • Voted as Best College for 8 Years (Pretoria News “Your Choice” Awards)
  • Internationally recognised, locally accredited

Visit, call 011 551 2000 or email [email protected] for a call back!




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