Vaal University of Technology Opens 2024 Registration

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As the academic year gears up to take flight very soon, many institutions are opening their registration periods. Here is all you need to know about registration dates for Vaal University of Technology. 

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Vaal University of Technology, like other institutions of higher education, have opened its online portals for students to register themselves for the 2024 academic year.

The university's academic year usually kicks off at the beginning of February, leaving students with roughly two weeks to complete their registration before classes begin.

Registration for Vaal University is done on ITS iEnabler, which is a self-help/online system. The system is accessible off-campus for students' convenience.

Students do not have to physically come to campus to register; it is all completed online. 

Vaal University online registration dates

  • New Students: 10 – 12 January/22 – 26 January
  • Returning Students: 15 January - 2 February

How To Register

1. Visit and enter your student number and five-digit pin.

2. Select "Academic Registration" on the left-hand side of the screen.

3. Click on "Academic Admission Status" and ensure that you have an admitted admission status for the qualification you are registering for.

4. Click on "Registration Restrictions" and ensure that you have no financial, academic or international restrictions. Any restrictions will prevent you from completing the registration process.

5. Select "Rules and Regulations" and accept the terms and conditions.

6. Select the subjects you are registering for. The details for your particular qualification will be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. 

7. Click "Save and Continue" and verify that your subjects are correct.

8. Click "Proof of Registration" to verify that you have successfully completed your registration. Your proof of registration should be displayed on the right-hand side of your screen.

9. Your online registration is now complete. You can print or save your proof of registration.

Along with registration, usually comes registration fees.

Payment can be made at any ABSA branch or any ABSA ATM at least 24 hours before starting the registration process. Confirmed Nsfas funded students and other sponsored students may not be required to pay the registration fee.

Vaal University of Technology strives to produce employable students who will make an impact on the country and their communities. The institution has four campuses which offer a variety of departments with student accommodation being available near the campuses.

Vaal University also offers sport, a science park, library and counselling to all students at all campuses. 


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