CPUT Late Applications Now Open

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If you are still eager to pursue a qualification at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, they have opened their 2022 late applications for programmes with available spaces. 


The Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) will soon open their 2022 late applications for programmes which have indicated that there are still available spaces. 

Late applications will close on 18 February.

You may only submit a late application for the following application categories: 

  • Applicants who exhausted only 1 or 2 options out of the maximum of 3 choices for applications submitted during the normal application timelines
  • Applicants who did not apply during the normal application timelines (maximum of 3 choices)
  • No 4th choices following the Dean’s Discretionary process will be considered during this late application timeline
  • Students transferring from other universities
  • CPUT students who have taken a gap in their studies
  • Phasing out programmes
  • Advanced Diploma Studies (Students who have completed a National Diploma/Diploma/Bachelors Degree or equivalent studies)
  • Postgraduate studies – M Tech/Master Course-based programmes
  • Postgraduate studies – Post Graduate Diploma programmes

All late applications must be submitted online except for the few Non-degree programmes identiifed. These online late applications will be free of charge. 

The following applicants may send in their late applications: 

  • National applicants (with an SA ID), including Refugee/Asylum Seeker and/or Permanent Residency applicants with a National Senior Certificate (NSC) / SC (Senior Certificate) / NCV (National Vocal Certificate) / National Qualification.
  • National applicants (with an SA ID) with international qualifications who already have SAQA certificates.
  • Refugee/Asylum Seeker status applicants with international qualification who already have SAQA certificates.
  • Permanent residency applicants with SA ID with international qualification who already have SAQA certificates.

CPUT has stated that no Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) applications will be considered. 

Click here for the list of undergraduate programmes with available spaces. 

Click here for the list of programmes with available spaces for returning students

CPUT has emphasized that applicants must complete their applications fully in order to be considered. This means that all supporting documentation should also be included with the application. 

Once applications have been submitted applicants should wait on an SMS from the faculty they applied to on the outcome of their application. Applicants can also track their application status by going to: http://www.cput.ac.za/study/track and filling out the details required. 

Due to limited residence spaces, being accepted academically does not guarantee a space into the residence. 

The university has increased online assistance capacity for online applications and registrations processes. Should you require any off-campus assistance then you can contact the Call Centre on  086 123 2788 / 021 959 6767 or visit the following link for detailed contact information: https://www.cput.ac.za/enquiries

Click here to visit the CPUT website for more information. 

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