Your Options For Life After Matric

Even though COVID-19 is still among South Africans, matriculants are encouraged to continue to follow their dreams and make plans to continue on their chosen career path. It is important to have hope that better days are ahead.

Matriculants are awaiting their NSC results on 23 February 2021, which a little later than usual.

2020 was a tough year for matriculants, however, they persevered and came out on the other side in one piece. These learners need to keep pursuing their dreams and making plans to achieve their goals.

Peter Kriel, an Education expert, believes that matriculants should review their plans for the year to ensure that they continue on their chosen career paths even if new and unexpected circumstances arise.

Kriel advises learners to consider the ability and readiness of institutions that they have chosen to seamlessly continue with the academic year even in the event of another hard lockdown.

Learners are encouraged to stick to their chosen institution and preferred method of study, however, to be realistic with regards to how their institution will continue the academic year if there is a lockdown.

For example, if a learner is interested in studying at a tertiary institution that offers contact learning, they need to be prepared for the possibility that it may change to online learning and they need to decide how they will cope with that.

Waiting for the matric results can cause learners a lot of stress and anxiety, which is normal however they should not let the fear of not passing stop them from following their dreams. If the outcome of the results is not what was expected, learners still have options to help them reach their dreams.

Learners have the choice of either rewriting a subject or redoing the school year, which will help them get the results that they need to pursue their dreams.

Click here to read about your options if you fail matric or wish to rewrite a subject.


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