What To Do If You Can't Find A Job After You Have Graduated

Have you completed your studies and received your degree, but you're unable to find employment? Well, keeping reading to find strategies that may help to keep you motivated in your mission to find employment. 


If you have graduated and been actively seeking employment but still haven't found a job, don't worry with just a few strategies you can score your dream job. 

According to Whole Person Academy, the following five strategies will help you to stay motivated to find employment:

Be stubbornly optimistic

If you haven't secured the job after trying your best to make it happen, then you must decide that you will stay positive. A way in which you can visualize where you want to be in terms of employment is by finding a picture of the professional working environment that you see yourself in and sticking that picture on your bathroom mirror. The idea behind this is that you will activate your subconscious mind to seek out your desired reality. 

Sign up for some volunteer work

The whole person academy states that engaging in volunteer work can help you gain valuable work experience that you can add to your CV. You can volunteer at a local charity or a store close to you. You never know what opportunities may open up for you from these volunteer experiences. 

Think outside of your industry

Look for jobs that are outside of your field of study. Most skills are transferrable across various jobs, so you should be flexible and creative when looking for opportunities. Find opportunities that could use your skill set which you have developed through completing your degree. 

Find a mentor who can help you

You may find it difficult to deal with the pressure of finding a job on your own and feel uncomfortable confiding in your friends and family about your employment struggles. To help with this you can make use of a mentor. Mentors are people outside of your close circle, who are there to guide you and keep you motivated in your mission to find a job. 

Make getting a job your job

Whole person academy suggests that you approach getting a job the same way you would prepare for an exam or project at university. To do this you would have to research how to make use of tools such as LinkedIn and watch videos on Youtube about how to navigate the world of work. You should also plan your day and week the way you would if you had a job already. 

All these strategies will help to familiarise you with the place of employment you would like to work at and keep you motivated to secure a job. 

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