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The Benefits Of A Part-Time Job Whilst Being A Student


A part-time job is a flexible type of employment.  One works less hours a week than a full-time employee and often requires working rotating shifts. Part-time employment is aimed at different people, especially students. Students working a part-time job can bring a great sense of independence, increase their self-esteem and accountability. This too provides students with an opportunity to utilize their practical skills and gain experience that universities/ colleges would not be able to teach you.


Although studying full time, having a part-time job  and juggling your personal life can be overwhelming. It is important to always be sure that when choosing a part-time job that it will not interfere with your study schedule and try to maintain a life outside your studies. Fulfilling a job whilst studying challenges us to step out of your comfort zone. Venturing out into the job market can be quite scary yet it pushes you beyond your comfort zone and enhances your confidence, self-esteem and learning how to deal with life situations. 

Examples of part-time employment:

  • Waitressing 
  • Bartending 
  • Freelancing 
  • Pizza delivery driver 
  • Au pairing 
  • Retail shop assistant
  • Voluntary work
  • Working at the salon 

Depending on the type of industry you choose to pursue, it creates an opportunity to portray your skills and experience once you have completed your studies. Although many students want a part-time job for extra pocket money/ tuition fees, it may not necessarily be the field they would want to have a career in. This however will have a great reflection on your resume as most companies admire individuals that have been educated in a workplace. Having a part-time job allows students to be familiar with the professional world, making the transition much easier for them to adapt. 

The benefits of having a part-time job:

  • Earning extra pocket money
  • Managing your finances
  • Creates an opportunity to network with others
  • Gain exposure of the job-market and learning a new set of skills 
  • Independency 
  • Learning how to manage your time
  • Increasing interpersonal skills 
  • Flexibility 

Being a full-time student and having a part-time job is not for the faint hearted. It takes a lot of dedication and commitment to pursue both. Although students want to create a stable life for themselves, working part-time can also have a huge impact on your studies. It is important that when choosing to work whilst studying that you do not neglect academic work and maintain a balance between the two.




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