Part-Time Jobs For Students With No Experience

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Job searching is frustrating when you find out that you need years of experience, a qualification, a portfolio of evidence, hobbies and a driving license. However, there are some options for students without experience looking for a part-time job.


Personally speaking, I think many companies are slightly unreasonable with their expectations. mentions 8 ways for students to get a job without experience. 

How To Get A Job Without Experience

  • Address the issue. 
  • Focus on what you DO have.
  • Find experience you didn't know you had.
  • Create some experience.
  • Demonstrate your intent.
  • Network.
  • Apply speculatively. 
  • Get an interview.

Here are 8 jobs that students can apply for with little to no experience:

  1. Customer Service Representative
  2. Babysitting/Home Care Aid
  3. Sales Representative
  4. Administrative Assistant
  5. Promoter
  6. Waiter/Waitress
  7. Bartender
  8. Hostess

Good luck on your job search and remember that determination and persistence always wins that race.

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