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Should You Pursue A Career In Welding?

Welding is an occupation that plays a role in many types of construction and repair work. Trained welders are needed to assist with building skyscrapers, hospitals, schools, and homes.

Should you pursue a career in welding?

They can repair damaged roofs, steel beams, and a variety of other materials through processes that emphasize heating and pressure treatments.

The work is challenging and may be difficult at times, but welding literally lays the cornerstone of many of society's structures.

If you are thinking about getting trained to do welding work on a temporary or a permanent basis, here are some points to consider:

1. The pay isn't bad. Depending on the cost of living for your area, the type of company you work for, and the conditions of your welding assignment, you could make a hefty hourly rate. Given overtime, that amount can increase rapidly, especially with long-term assignments. Oftentimes you can set your own hours, including weekends and evenings, but this will depend on where you are employed. Some companies offer health care benefits, disability and life insurance, and even tuition assistance for employees who want to sign up for college.

2. Work conditions can be trying. Outdoor welding jobs may be available year-round, but that means you could be working outdoors in sub-freezing temperatures, so you will have to dress accordingly. When you weld indoors, you will have to set up a cloistered area where fumes and light from the flame don't bother other employees or bystanders. In the summer, unventilated areas can quickly attain triple-digit temperatures to cause welders to swelter and sometimes make breathing difficult.



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