How Students Can Benefit From An Internship

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An internship is a great opportunity for students or graduates to gain working experience from a specific professional industry. 

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The main purpose of an internship is to provide insight into a particular role within a specific industry. It is a basic introduction to what to expect when you take on a bigger role in the business.

An internship can either be done full-time or part-time and students are remunerated with a stipend for their efforts.

The advantages of an internship

  • Internships prepare students for their chosen career path.
  • When completing an internship, students can practice and improve their skills whilst gaining work experience. Students can gain a thorough understanding of how the job market operates and how they can use their degree to better their future. 
  • An internship can help increase a student's self-confidence where they will be more willing to take on any challenges that may be out of their comfort zone. 
  • Internships increase a student's soft skills such as communication, time management, personal and interpersonal attributes. 
  • Students are more likely to build a professional network which can be a helpful resource. This will be an advantage to them when making well-informed decisions about their career field.

What every student needs to know before applying for an internship

#Have a clear goal of what you want to achieve from an internship:
It is important for every student to have a clear idea of why they want to complete an internship and what benefit it would be for them. An internship can help you determine whether to pursue a career within your chosen career field or change your educational path. 

#Build a professional resumé:
This is the perfect opportunity to present yourself professionally as your resumé is the first thing employers will read about you. Take the time to create a professional and well-structured resumé as it sets the tone for the interviewing process with hiring managers. 

#Build your network:
In today’s networking world, it is important to develop a professional presence online. This means that you create a profile that is professional and constantly kept up-to-date. Once your profile is up and running, connect with companies and organisations that match your interests or apply for a specific job vacancy that entices you. 

#Take advantage of free online resources to find a suitable internship:
There are many online sites and platforms available to students when seeking an internship. Many businesses post their available vacancies onto sites that are easily accessible. All you need to do is constantly stay connected and updated with the latest opportunities and visit the various job portals that you have registered with; for example, LinkedIn.

In conclusion, all professional working experiences is a learning process that allows you to enhance your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Always remember that your first internship may not necessarily be your chosen career pathway’, however, this may be an insightful and developmental experience for you. 

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