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Transnet is a large state-owned enterprise (SOE) in South Africa. Transnet freight rail is the largest division of Transnet Limited, a public company with the government in South Africa as its sole shareholder and offers various employment opportunities in South Africa.

Transnet Career Portal

Transnet company has so much full-time jobs, including in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape, as part of their Transnet careers which are in demand as the company offers great opportunities for promotion. These opportunities range from transnet bursaries, transnet jobs, transnet internships, transnet learnerships and much more which provide great work experience with the company. You can find the vacancies on the Transnet Career Portal. 

The Transnet Bursary scheme is very popular as the company is considered a leading employer and working for them is a great start to a career. 

For Various Transnet Jobs Available In South Africa, Including Full-time

Some of the most popular job positions include:

  • Operator
  • Skipper Port Operations
  • Marine Motorman
  • General worker
  • Marine Engineer
  • Aviation Engineer
  • Southern Africa correspondent
  • and so many other vacant positions!

Job applicants should make sure to Register on the Careers Portal so that we can send you details on all the Transnet vacancies and employment opportunities as soon as they are available.

Applying For Transnet Vacancies Via The Transnet Portal

Applicants are required to register on the Transnet official website. Once they have created a profile, they may start searching for vacancies on the Transnet website. 

Through the profile, applicants will be able to apply for vacancies that interest them. The profile also allows applicants to track the status of their existing application.

Transnet Login Careers

When applying for vacant positions such as general workers vacant positions, and this goes for external candidates in Eastern Cape as well, you will need to sign up to the Transnet careers website and fill in the required information, which includes personal details such as your name, surname and contact numbers. 

Last but not least when you are checking your vacancies applied for, you will need to also submit certified copies of any necessary documentation.

latest opportunities


The CAT Programme at Transnet is a three-year Learnership Programme for Candidates who have completed an accredited post-graduate qualification or equivalent.

Are you wanting to apply for a job at Transnet but you are not sure on how to register your CV on the Transnet website? Find out how below.

If you are a graduate looking to start a successful career the Transnet Young Professionals in Training programme could be the answer for you! We have all the information you need.

Transnet is committed to creating a work environment that attracts and retains the most talented people, enabling them to reach their full potential. Are you interested in applying to Transnet for an exciting job opportunity to contribute to the future economic growth of South Africa?

Efficient ports play a pivotal role in the maritime industry and the broader transport economy. An amazing opportunity to enter this exciting industry is available at Transnet’s Maritime School of Excellence. 

Transnet makes vacancies available on a regular basis. Applicants are required to submit certain documents to be considered for vacancies at the company.

Transnet offers a wide variety of job openings as one of the most important companies in South Africa's transport systems. Nursing vacancies are among the job openings offered; here's how you can find and apply for them. 

Are you wanting to apply for a Transnet vacancy but you’re unsure of where to start? Well we’re here to help. Keep reading to find out more.

Transnet is one of the largest freight logistics companies that delivers goods to South Africans and is fully owned by the government. They also have a range of bursaries on offer to help deserving students succeed.

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