Why Are Lawyers Needed in South Africa?

South Africa is a democratic state with a constitution founded in 1996 that ensures the importance of the rights of people. The people’s rights includes access to justice and the constitution grants individuals with freedom to fair representation in the courts of law or legal matters. This is only but the start of the reason why lawyers are needed in the country.


The importance of lawyers in South Africa can mean different things to different people but the function of this importance is centered around legal representation, and constitution of South Africa affirms the importance of fair justice.

The South African courts require legal representation for individuals to interpret legal terms and ensures their rights are not violated. The Constitution safeguards citizens against the violation of human rights and ensures fair representation in the courts of law or legal matters hence legal aid for those who can’t afford lawyers is provided.

Law is an important profession in our society and Professor David McQuoid-Mason the Acting Director at the Centre for Socio-studies at the University of Kwazulu Natal (UKZN) writes extensively about the functions and importance of legal representation in South Africa.

The requirement for legal representation is notable in the sense that trials can’t proceed without the insurance that those involved in disputes are represented legally in the courts.

The role of lawyers is not only centred in courts of law, but also serves as an advisor for relevant legal issues such as contracts and claims.

In recent years, legitimacy for lawyers has been questioned by many specifically in the avenue of claims where much corruption saw many losing their funds to dishonest lawyers. The Road Accident Fund (RAF) even decided to halt legal representation for claims of accidents.

The intervening act by RAF is applauded and inline with the constitution of South Africa to ensure people’s rights are not violated even by lawyers. This act doesn’t demote the importance of legal representation of claims but upholds constitutional rights of individuals.

The legal profession in South Africa is at the centre of our constitution to ensure fair trials are delivered in courts and people’s rights are protected in legal matters.

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