Most In-Demand Jobs In South Africa For 2024

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In a country with a staggering unemployment rate, it's important that awareness is brought to industries where employees are needed. Citizens can use this list to see which careers they could follow and potentially boost their employment prospects. 

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In October 2023, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) revealed its revised Critical Skills List, pinpointing sectors in South Africa grappling with shortages of proficient professionals. 

In response, the government is facilitating work visas for individuals possessing expertise in these areas, aiming to alleviate shortages and fortify the labour force.

Top Ten In-Demand Occupations

  1. Director (enterprise organisation)(medium enterprises or larger) 
  2. Policy and Planning Manager
  3. Corporate General Manager 
  4. Programme or Project Manager 
  5. Quality Systems Manager 
  6. Customer Service Manager 
  7. Research and Development Manager 
  8. Manufacturing Operations Manager 
  9. Engineering Manager
  10. Supply and Distribution Manager  

Among the critical areas experiencing shortages is Business Management, with a shortage of qualified General Managers and Business Directors. These leaders have significant influence in navigating businesses toward prosperity, yet their scarcity counters growth and innovation.

In the domain of project management, the scarcity of Project Managers is expected to impede the efficient execution of initiatives and thereby impact productivity and competitiveness.

The call centre industry grapples with a shortfall in Customer Service and Call Centre Managers. Call centre agents play a pivotal role in upholding service standards and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain Management is another area of concern, with shortages in Supply and Distribution Managers. A shortage of skills could hamper the seamless flow of goods and services.

Even within the engineering sector, encompassing disciplines like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Industrial Engineering, there's a notable scarcity of professionals, including Millwrights. These experts are indispensable for infrastructure development, innovation, and economic advancement.

Remarkably, scarcity extends even to creative industries such as Multimedia Design, where skilled professionals are in short supply. Their expertise is instrumental for branding, digital marketing and user experience design.

Neither the finance nor IT sectors are immune to this scarcity. Accountants, Tax Professionals, Software Developers, Computer Network Engineers, and Systems Analysts are all in high demand yet facing shortages.

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