Why Job Shadowing is Important During The School Holidays

Job shadowing provides not only a look at the reality of the world of work but an insight into your chosen career path.

Job shadowing meaning

What is job shadowing? Job shadowing is a type of on-the-job training where a student/learner learns from a more experienced colleague in the workplace. They will typically follow them around and do some of the work that is required to be done by the experienced individual. It's a great way to learn about a specific career and job role.

High school learners and students can make a huge, positive impact on their future career paths if they spend a few days of their lengthy winter holidays job-shadowing, an education expert says.

Companies should consider introducing structured job-shadow opportunities over the holidays, to enable as many young people as possible to experience the reality of the world of work, and to consider their career options.

The holidays are the perfect time for companies to introduce structured job-shadow opportunities. Young people will get to experience the real world of work and consider their future careers.

Companies should offer job-shadow opportunities to help empower young people by giving them a glimpse of the world of work. Not only does this enable more people to experience their potential future, it also helps to give them a sense of empowerment, which is crucial.

The truth is, we live in a world where young people are bombarded with messages about the right careers to choose. And while those messages can be really helpful, it's also really important that companies offer structured job-shadow opportunities over the holidays.

Advice for students doing job shadowing

  • Investigate various fields and companies over the last 3 years of school, and invest a day or two during each holiday shadowing people working in the roles they are interested in pursuing.
  • Investigate various companies and roles when already studying towards a qualification, to find their best fit and potential niche within a field.
  • Not just tail the employee they are shadowing, but to speak to other people, look at company materials, and immerse themselves in the experience by trying to understand various roles and their responsibilities.
  • Enquire about the types and levels of qualifications required and / or preferred for various positions that interest them, to be able to make informed decisions about what and where to study further.
  • Couple the job shadowing experience with a deliberate methodology that not only includes observing and talking to people, but also a process of documenting their impressions in writing and reconfirming their understanding with the host employer.


Job shadowing makes a real difference when it comes time for students to plan their career choices, It assists them in making a final decision about what they want to do one day.




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