Where To Find Jobs For Graduates

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Many students after they graduate find themselves in this state of limbo, because they have gained a qualification that they worked hard for but now it is time to find the job that goes along with it, but many don't know where to start. So where exactly are all the graduate positions? 


A graduate position refers to a position aimed at students who have recently graduated. There are normally a small number of position like this available within an organization. The graduate position offered comes in the form of internships, learnerships and apprenticeships.

Organizations often feel like they need to place graduates in the work place environment and track their progress before hiring them permanently. To find graduate positions in South Africa you can check out our website, the Careers Portal.

Our website is updated daily, which means there will always be new opportunities for you. The Careers Portal will keep you updated on the latest graduate positions, learnerships, internships, apprenticeships and any other opportunities you may be interested in.

Another website you can check out is the Knowledge Trust, formally known as Trusted Interns. Along with graduate positions, they offer internships, learnerships, full time and part time positions. Once you sign up to their website (which you do here) you can sign up to their newsletter where you receive daily updates on opportunities available.

You could also create a LinkedIn profile, which acts as your professional profile. On LinkedIn you can connect with companies and potential employers. They also have a variety opportunities available including graduate positions. Click Here To Go To LinkedIn

These 3 websites can keep you up to date with the latest opportunities and graduate positions available which will eventually lead to you getting that dream job.



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You've probably been contemplating the next chapter of your life all throughout the year asking yourself, 'what am I going to study after I finish completing my matric certificate exams?', 'am I going to study? What else can I do when I pass'? Well, we can help.


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