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Tips On How To Stay Positive In The Workplace

2019 holds endless possibilities for those who stay positive and focused despite growing economic and social pressures.

Tips On How To Stay Positive In The Workplace

The current economic situation has left many feeling worried, stressed and under financial strain. A sudden change in government, high unemployment levels and the ongoing water crisis are some of the issues ordinary South Africans are trying to manage.

Workplace trends

According to Human Resources specialist Lizanne de Jong there has been a sharp decrease in workplace productivity over the last two years as people try to cope with the realities of life.

One of the leading concerns for employees is the affect broader economic pressures will have on their companies and ultimately their job security.

In addition, increased reports of crime, abuse and corruption has created an atmosphere of fear and distrust in the workplace.

Feelings of hopelessness and depression have now become a common global affliction.Feelings of hopelessness and depression have now become a common global affliction. "If we look at the use of anti-depressants worldwide, it has increased tenfold in the last five years," says de Jong.

If people don't know how to de-stress they begin to exhibit negative behaviours at work such as chronic "blaming and complaining" which triggers the cycle of stress.

So how do we break free from these negative and binding cycles?

Lizanne lists 4 practical ways to maintain a positive attitude in the midst of global distress.


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