How Do You Pass The SAPS Fitness Test?

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The SAPS fitness test is one of the tests you need to pass in order to become a police officer in South Africa. Here are the requirements and some tips to help you pass.

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Wondering how to pass the SAPS fitness test? Here are some key pointers.

Preparation for the test starts with knowing your body's strengths and weaknesses. You also need to find the right balance between physical exercise, mental preparation and healthy eating habits. 

SAPS Physical Assessment

Yes, it's hard to prepare for the fitness test and it is even harder to be accepted. But if you start now, you will be able to do it. This is your opportunity of a lifetime. You will need to commit yourself and be committed to your goals of entering the police service.

SAPS Weight Requirements

The SAPS police fitness test requirements will help you be physically active which will help you meet SAPS weight requirements. 

There are a number of ways to prepare for the South African Police Service fitness test. You can start with a cardiovascular workout. Be sure to include sprints and intervals as well as some resistance exercises done at the gym. Start building stamina by gradually increasing the length of your workout sessions.

What are the requirements of the SAPS fitness test?

The requirements on each job post might differ slightly, however majority of the fitness test requirements require candidates to

  • Run a certain amount of kilometres in under a few minutes;
  • Do push-ups in less than a few seconds;
  • Do sit-ups in under a specific amount of seconds;
  • Do shuttle runs in less than a few seconds.


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