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How do I Choose a Career?

We spend so much of our lives working, so it makes sense that we should spend that time doing something that we enjoy. It might be too much to expect to wake up every morning thinking, 'yay I get to go to work today!' but hopefully you can find a career that is fulfilling - most of the time! But finding that perfect career that includes the kind of work you will find enjoyable and fulfilling - while at the same time providing you with enough of a salary to cover your living expenses comfortably, isn't easy.  We've got some advice for you.


Choosing a career is one of the most significant decisions you are going to have to make in your life. Its probably on the same level as deciding on a life partner to live with! You don't want to study for years to get into a career, only to start working in that career and find that you hate it! So it is important to do your research early.

What are some of the factors that you need to consider in choosing a career?

It does not really matter if you are 18 and just entering college and thinking through what major to go after. Or you're in your 40s or 50s and looking to make another mid career shift into doing something a little bit different that aligns with your passions. Regardless of what age, these 3 different principles to apply when choosing a career.

The first thing that is important to think through are your Natural Strengths.

These can be things you don't always see right away but they are the things that come easy to you. It's the things you can work effortlessly on for hours at a time and still have plenty of energy.

One of the ways that you can identify whether you're not working in your natural strengths is when you're constantly tired or frustrated or drained, or worn out with your work.

That's a good indicator that you're working in an area that's not your strength and so it's taking a lot of mental and physical energy from you.

If you want to really understand and discover your natural strengths then ask somebody who knows you well, you might often times be surprised with the answer.

The second thing to take into consideration is you Personality Type.

This is where often times where we go wrong because we follow where the money is instead of concentrating on what we are good at. We think this will be a good stable job, it will provide lots of money for my family and all we see is the lifestyle that we want to create. But what happens is, we end up frustrated because we're trying to become something that we're really not.

Lastly we need to keep in mind is our Passions or Interests.

Your passions really are were your natural interests are. How do you know what these are? Often you can use the illustration of walking into a book store, as you walk in what section or area do you gravitate towards? What books do you like to read through? Those can be an indication of your passions and interests. So if you gravitate towards the computer or information technology section, or the arts and culture section that can highlight to you what you enjoy.

So how do we pull all this information together? Take all three of the things mentioned above; your strengths, personality type and passions and see where all three of these intersect. This will help you find your 'sweet spot', helping you find something that energises you, that you can work for hours doing, that interests you and that you are good at. This is the career that you'll enjoy doing and is something you'll be excited about waking up and going to work for.

*For more advice on choosing a career check out the video below.*




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