Are You Wondering Where To Find A Job?

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When you are trying to find a job, rather than simply relying on one method it may prove helpful to take a multidisciplinary approach.

You may be interested to know that the job hunt itself is actually a studied phenomena. It is not simply an ambiguous and random process as people may think. Many job hunters, think that there are only three ways to go about job searching, which are job advertisements, recruitment agencies and resumes.

However, this is not the case, according to Richard N. Bolles, author of the number 1 best seller, on the N.Y Times, best-seller list: 'What Colour Is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers'

Other methods include but are not limited to: using the internet as a tool, asking family members and friends, mailing our resumes at random and answering local newspaper ads.

One very effective method which you can use is the creative approach to job-hunting or career change. This method entails doing homework on yourself in order to figure out what your best skills are. Then doing face to face interviewing at organisations in your field to enquire about information.

This process can then be followed up by going to see each contact that has interested you, at the organisation. Not simply going to the HR department but rather to the individual himself/herself that has the power to hire you.

Researchers have found that job hunters do not find a suitable job, because they tend to give up too soon. The people who give up too easily are usually relying on only one job method, such as sending out resumes.

It has been found that 51% of job searchers, give up on their job search by the second month. The key to successful job searching is to keep persevering. It is also suggested that you make use of as many job searching techniques as you can.

It is suggested that you perceive your job search as a 'brand campaign'. You are trying to get people interested in you. Your CV is your number one and primary marketing tool. It may prove worthwhile to make use of a variety of social media platforms, according to Forbes.

It is important to not get trapped by negative obstacles and traps. Many people tend to get stuck in the identity of their former job. This can be counter-productive if you are wondering where to find a job. It is important to cut back on your time and spend extra time and effort on job searching.


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