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After it was revealed that the PYEI has been extended, many people want to know when phase 5 of teaching assistant jobs will be open for applications. An update has been provided by the education department. 

Hundreds of learners have still not been placed in schools in the Western Cape. The department has attributed this to a reduced budget as well as an influx of late applications. 

Is the growth of the private education sector due to the failures of the public sector? The Department of Basic Education believes this is not the case. 

More than a million job opportunities was created as part of the Basic Education Employment Initiative. However, former teaching assistants have not received money for months. 

Bullying in schools is a prevailing issue that affects youths throughout South African schools. The Department of Basic Education has made an active effort to recognise and condemn emotional, verbal and physical violence against children in schools.

Securing your child's placement at a school is critical in ensuring they start off the school year with limited disruptions. One provincial education department is urging parents to take the appropriate action to ensure the placement of their child for the 2024 school year. 

The Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI) concluded Phase IV at the end of September 2023. Though its conclusion marks the end of the teaching assistant placements, it has been confirmed that the fourth phase of the initiative placed over 90% of its target number in employment positions in public schools. 

Millions of South Africans have been assisted through the implementation of social support programmes introduced in the last few years. However, it is unknown whether the implementation of the R350 grant and the Presidential Employment Stimulus will continue to make a difference. 

Several school laws have been changed as the BELA bill was officially passed by the National Assembly. This bill has seen garnered support and criticism from various stakeholders who are concerned about the changes it would bring. 


A programme that created more than one million job opportunities has reached the conclusion of its forth phase. While there is no official decision on whether the programme will continue in the future, the education department is urging youth not to apply for placement.

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