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Not happy with your Matric results? Well, here's your second chance. Matric rewrites give you the option of improving your Matric results should you feel the need to. 

In society today, there are many students that are not fortunate enough to pursue their dreams of studying. One of the many options that are available to students is to apply for a student loan.

Cover letters can make or break applicants. They are extremely important in the job application process because most of the time companies only rely on the CV and cover letter to get a glimpse of an applicant. It is integral to write the best cover letter to maximise your opportunity of getting a job.

Many students do not realise how much university actually costs aside from the learning material, transport costs, accommodation and living expenses. A bursary is a monetary reward from an institution to a student based on their academic performances and personal circumstances. The main aim of a bursary is to reduce the financial constraints or avoid them altogether. There are many different types of bursaries available and the student is not always required to apply for them.

Your CV is a selling tool. Just as a brilliant advertisement can persuade a consumer to make a purchase, so a skilfully crafted CV can secure a job interview.

For those of you who have ever been bored, or have seen someone get bored, you'll know how much of a problem it can be. But boredom can actually be quite a good thing in certain circumstances, at least, that's what some research suggests.

Interested in studying at AFDA? Find out how to apply below. Take the first step towards your career with AFDA today. 

Most universities issue student communications via a student portal service, therefore, it is important that students ensure that they are registered to access their student online services. Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) students can access their Student Online Services (SOS) through a few simple steps.

The National Commissioner, in its capacity as a member of the Reserve Police Service, appoints a reservist to work as a volunteer in support of SAPS.

There’s a set criterion that the Commissioner looks at.

SANParks has a long and complex history that spans over more than a century. If you want to join this team of nature lovers and feel that their values are aligned with yours, here’s how can apply for a job with them.

Eager to study to PGCE at North-West University in the coming academic year? Here is how you can apply

Are you a student at the University of Limpopo who is struggling to login to your student email? Well we can help, we've listed some easy steps on how to login to your student email. 

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COL Campus is an Online Learning Management System that is used by various colleges and higher education institutions around South Africa. Here is how to login to COL Campus. 

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