Impala Rustenburg Awards 55 Bursaries

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Yesterday Impala Rustenburg presented 55 students from their mine-communities and labour sending areas with the opportunity to pursue the career of their dreams and change the trajectory of their future. This investment by Impala represents more than double the number of bursaries awarded in 2022. With fields of study ranging from engineering to mining to nursing, teaching and HR, these young people will be helping to fill the gap in critical skills in the future and contribute towards the economic growth of the North West province and South Africa.

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Impala Rustenburg this month awarded more than double the number of student bursaries it awarded in 2022.

A total of 34 matriculants from Impala Rustenburg’s mine communities will be taking the first step on their journey to the career of their dreams, courtesy of Impala’s multimillion-rand bursary programme. A further 21 bursaries were awarded to students from the greater Rustenburg area and Impala’s labour-sending areas. This brings the total number of bursaries awarded in 2023 to 55, representing Impala’s significant commitment to youth education.

The 34 Class of 2022 matric students who secured the bursaries were selected from secondary schools in Boitekong, Chaneng, Freedom Park, Kanana, Luka, Maile, Meriting, Paardekraal, Phatsima, Phokeng, Seraleng, Sunrise View, Thekwane and Tsitsing. They will shortly begin their first year of study in a variety of disciplines, including Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Chemical Engineering, BSc Chemistry, Extractive Metallurgy, Electrical Engineering, BCom Accounting, Geology, Surveying, Teaching, Nursing and Human Resources.

Said Mark Munroe, CE of Impala Rustenburg, “It is more important than ever for corporate South Africa to invest in developing the skills of our youth, ensuring they are employable and can contribute towards much-needed socio-economic growth in South Africa."

We take our responsibility to youth development very seriously and we provide several programmes to assist young people to further their careers.

"These include the bursary programme, the cadet programme that develops critical mining skills among unemployed youth, far-reaching support for local schools, and a comprehensive enterprise and supplier development programme. We are committed to ensuring these opportunities benefit the immediate communities around our operation, with a key focus on providing equal opportunities to young women.”

Of the bursaries awarded in 2023, more than half were awarded to women. The recipient of Impala’s third annual Future Women in Mining bursary is Lashia Khanda, a resident of Sunrise View from Sunrise View Secondary School, who will start her studies in Geomatics at the University of Cape Town. Lashia achieved five distinctions in her final matric examinations and her school, built and supported by Impala Rustenburg, achieved a 100% pass rate.

Last year’s recipient of the Future Women in Mining bursary was Melissa Diale from John Orr Technical High School in Kanana, who is studying BEng Tech in Electrical Engineering at the University of Johannesburg. Echoing many of Impala Rustenburg’s past bursars, Diale says that without Impala’s support, she would not be where she is today.

My first year was quite the journey, but it made me realise that it is true when they say, ‘Nothing that’s worth it comes easy.’ I’m excited to continue this journey especially with the support I get from Impala.

Munroe encouraged the new intake of bursars to focus on building strong and sustainable careers in years to come. “While Impala provides the opportunities for young people to pursue their dreams, it is up to the candidates to make the most of them. This is the spirit of togetherness we strive to foster in our relationships with our communities.”

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