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Do you have what it takes to work in radio broadcasting?


Does the idea of working in radio appeal to you? Do you dream of being a part of this exciting, immediate and fast-paced medium which reaches more people than any other in South Africa? Do you have a silky smooth voice and passion for popular culture and music? Well, a great way to enter the world of radio is by taking a radio broadcasting course, read on to see if this career is for you.


The Q&A section: are you suited to a career in radio broadcasting?

Quinton Meiring, INTEC College’s guidance counsellor says if you answer yes to five or more of these questions, then Radio Broadcasting is a career well worth exploring.

1) Do you have a clear speaking voice and a good command of language? Y/N

2) Do you have a broad general knowledge and interest in current affairs? Y/N

3) Are you passionate about music and musicians? Y/N

4) Do you find it easy to learn how to operate new technology? Y/N

5) Do you cope well under pressure? Y/N

6) Are you confident, outgoing and energetic? Y/N

7) Are you a people’s person? Y/N

What avenues can you go into after studying radio broadcasting?

o A career in radio broadcasting will allow you to work behind the microphone or behind the scenes at the station.

o You may wish to pursue a career as a presenter where you could read news bulletins, traffic updates or present the weather, or you could work your way up to having your own show as a DJ.

o You could deliver live action commentary on sporting events, politics and social and economic matters.

o You could specialise in the more technical aspects of the career such as studio engineering.

o If writing is your thing, you could write scripts for the presenters, competitions or news bulletins.

o You could eventually work your way up to station manager where you will be responsible for the strategic direction, DJ line-up and musical selection on your radio station.


INTEC College is one of the recommended South African institutions where you can study radio broadcasting. INTEC’s radio broadcasting course offers a good grounding about the theoretical component of this career. The course has both a theoretical and practical component – the practical training is conducted with the Broadcasting Training Institute. INTEC’s course is offered via distance learning, a flexible and affordable study method which allow students to continue working and also gives them the option of gaining in-house experience.

Contact: INTEC College 0800 012 311 or

Which subjects will you cover while studying radio broadcasting?

o Radio production

o Genre analysis

o Media and language

o Social psychology of media

o Text analysis

o Narrative analysis

o Reception theory

o Consumption

o Educational Media

Who to contact:

INTEC College 0800 012 311 or


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