Providing Entrepreneurial Skills to Young People

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Have you heard of NYDA? Did you know they offer a Business Development Training for young people?

Business Management Training

This training provides entrepreneurial skills to young people.

What is the Business Management Training Programme?

The Entrepreneurship Development Programme is aimed at creating a conducive environment for young entrepreneurs to access relevant entrepreneurship skills, knowledge, values and attitudes for their businesses.

The programme offers entrepreneurship trainings that responds appropriately and adequately to the market and business needs of the young people.

What services does the Business Management Training Programme offer?

The Business Management Training courses is designed to support young entrepreneurs in the following stages of the businesses:

  • Pre-start Up/Idea generation
  • Survivalist
  • Start Up
  • Early Development
  • Growth & Expansion

Who is Eligible for Business Management Training?

  • South African citizens, between the ages of 18 and 35
  • With a valid South African Identity document
  • The business must be 100% youth owned
  • Young entrepreneurs wanting to access a grant or voucher and do not meet the requirement of the programme

How can I apply for the Business Management Training?

  • Visit the closest NYDA branch. See list of branches here
  • Submit the training application form and all other required documents to the nearest NYDA branch
  • A desk assessment is conducted by the branch
  • If approved, the participant will be provided with the following:

Notification of the approved training course, logistics for the Training and logistics for the Pitching Session.

  • The participant must present their  South African Identity Document at the first day of the training
  • Participants attending the SYB and IYB courses will also be required to attend a mandatory  “Pitching Session” on a date scheduled by the branch.
  • Participants will be issued with a “Certificate of Completion” for participating in the NYDA Training course.

To apply or find out more information, click here.


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