How To Spot Job Scams


As the youth of South Africa is facing unemployment, they are also vulnerable to scammers who are out there, using their pain and desperation to solicit money and in some instances use details for fraudulent activities.


Concerned Twitter users have recently taken to the social media platform to warn job-seekers of potential scams and dangerous users who post fake job listings.

The sad reality is that the youth unemployment stats are at an all-time high, and scammers mercilessly lure victims into their traps.

A listener of the “The Clement Show” by the name of Spha shared how a fellow Twitter user almost scammed him of R10 000 as part of investments for business.

Scammers have also used job fairs and interviews as alternate ways of scamming people, and many job seekers have fallen victim. 

Transcend Talent Management MD Zanele Luvuno shares how to spot a fake company:

You should be able to corollate the information with what is on the website. Have a description of the role. If the salary and the needs of the role do not corollate, that raises a flag. The domain must match that of the company. Check the company profile.

A company email address is not just the most common form of communication with potential clients but it also creates a sense of trust, especially if it is from a credible website.

Luvuno advises people to report to the company that the scammers purport to represent, or better yet go to the police station as a matter of course.

If the recruiter calls you, ask as many questions as you can.

Look out for flexible schedules and extremely high salaries, as sometimes it’s really too good to be true.




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