How To Apply For SAPS Training

Thursday, 11 November, 2021 - 15:13
Lerato Botha
Newly inducted SAPS policemen stand at attention

The South African Police Service (SAPS) have been publicly scrutinized time and time again, with the South African public criticizing their effectiveness within a crisis. If you would like to be a part of breaking the stigma around the police service and contributing to the protection of citizens of the country as a police officer, the following is a guideline for how to apply to SAPS training.



There are a number of qualities that a person should have when opting to take on a position in which they are required to protect and serve their country. A prospective member of law enforcement should be willing and able to adhere to the SAPS slogan of inclusive protection. 

To be able to apply to become an active SAPS member, one must complete training, and to enter training, there are a number of requirements that need to be adhered to. As quoted directly from the SAPS official government website, the following are the requirements needed to apply for training for SAPS appointment. The applicant must:

  1. Fill out the official application form and affirm under oath or by means of a solemn declaration that the information he/she supplied on the application, is true and correct
  2. Have permanent residency in the Republic of South Africa (RSA), of which he/she must give documentary proof
  3. Be at least 18 years old, but younger than 30 years (documentary proof is needed)
  4. Undergo a physical and medical examination as determined by the SAPS, and must be found to be physically and mentally fit to be appointed in the post for which he/she applies
  5. Undergo a psychological assessment as determined by the National Commissioner of the SAPS, and must be found to fit the profile of a police official
  6. Have a Senior Certificate (Grade 12) or an equivalent qualification, of which he/she must present documentary proof
  7. Be fluent in English and at least one other official language
  8. Be prepared to take the oath of office
  9. Be prepared to undergo any training as determined by the National Commissioner of the SAPS
  10. Not have any visible tattoos that are contrary to the objectives of the SAPS
  11. Not have previous criminal convictions
  12. Let his/her fingerprints be taken
  13. Be prepared to have his/her background checked
  14. Be prepared to serve anywhere in South Africa.

Thereafter, upon enrolment, the recruit would undergo a Basic Police Development Learning Programme (BPDLP) and the prospect would have to sign to agree that they will commit 24 months (2 years) to the programme.

The 24 month programme splits between 10 months, dedicated to acquiring the basic skills and applying them practically, a 12-month phase during which the prospect receives workplace introduction at the stations, and finally, a 2-month period dedicated to integrated assessment during which the prospect is given the opportunity to integrate what they have learnt within their skillset. 

Once the training is complete, the trainee is released into the field as an officer.


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