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How And Where To Study To Become A Pest Control Technician

How to become a pest controller

If you have a passion for keeping the environment safe and healthy and the idea of working with the earth's weird and wonderful eight legged creatures everyday does not faze you, then you should consider a qualification in pest control.

Further Education and Training Certificate: Pest Control Operations 

Due to the world's severe climate changes caused by global warming, there is a heightened awareness around responsible pest control.

The connotation of a pest control operator is often not the most attractive, and surpasses the importance and need for more qualified professionals in this industry.

Unqualified and unskilled pest control operators can be dangerous both to the environment and to the public and this has led to an increased need for qualified pest control operators.

A learner who has achieved this qualification will have a firm foundation of competencies required by the pest control industry.

The purpose of this qualification is to equip the learner with the skills needed to successfully and safely control target pests in a specific environment.

It will provide learners with the opportunity to advance their knowledge and understanding of the science and practical implementation of pest control principles and procedures. 

This will ensure that the learner will be able to protect people's health and property from organisms that cause economic damage or nuisance, whilst minimising any detrimental effect to the environment. 

This qualification shall ensure that the learner is eligible for registration as a Pest Control Operator in accordance with legislation. 

This competence shall ensure quality within the industry and contribute to the improvement of the living standards of the peoples of South Africa. 

Fundamental component:

The Fundamental Component consists of:

  • Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 4 to the value of 16 credits.
  • Communication at NQF Level 4 in a First South African Language to the value of 20 credits.
  • Communication in a Second South African Language at NQF Level 3 to the value of 20 credits.
  • It is compulsory therefore for learners to do Communication in two different South African languages, one at NQF Level 4 and the other at NQF Level 3.


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