Commerce Careers That Are In Demand In South Africa

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Economics and business students typically have good commercial awareness, one of the qualities highly sought after by recruiters. What is more, they are able to effectively apply their knowledge of industries to the job.


Commerce Careers That Are In Demand In South Africa

According to an article published by in 2020, these are the 5 jobs in the commerce and business sector that are in demand.

Top five positions in demand:

  • Commercial finance manager/controller
  • Tax
  • Finance manager
  • Head of finance
  • Accountant

According to, these are jobs you can pursue with a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) and the salary range you can expect per year.

  • Accountant - R116k - R474k 
  • Financial Manager - R317k - R898k
  • Financial Accountant - R184k - R549k
  • Finance Manager - R343k - R900k 
  • Business Analyst, IT - R215k - R578k
  • Human Resources (HR) Manager - R215k - R708k 
  • Marketing Manager - R151k - R735k

Popular areas of employment for business and management graduates include business, finance, marketing, HR, PR and sales. 

So it would be advisable to continue pursuing a career in these fields and make a success out of your career.


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