NSFAS is the National Student Financial Aid Scheme which is a government loan and bursary fund for students through the NSFAS funding. NSFAS application and registration opens in the later part of the year for students with the NSFAS closing date usually being in the next calendar year.

Usually, students and prospective students will submit their NSFAS online application for a NSFAS bursary using myNSFAS. To submit an application, students will need to login to NSFAS account.

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Stellenbosch University appears to have found itself at the center of a nationwide controversy due to a recent racial attack. This has prompted a response from student movements such as the South African Union of Students (SAUS). Here is what they had to say regarding the incident 

The Higher Education Department has plans in place to improve the functionality of the country's TVET colleges throughout the course of the next few years. Here are more details about some of these planned interventions.

A worsening rate of unemployment, particularly among the youth continues to be a long-standing problem in the country. The Department of Higher Education has introduced some measures to resolve the issue by availing job opportunities for university and TVET college students.  

The Department of Higher Education and Training has plans to spend billions on the improvement of the infrastructure of universities and TVET colleges across South Africa. 

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has been funding students from disadvantaged backgrounds for years, this department is currently in the process of updating its guidelines for the implementation of the bursary scheme.


The Department of Higher Education and Training has its sights set on integrating parts of the country's public university curriculum with that of TVET colleges. 

Ever wondered what gap year really entails and why should you even give it any thought? We've unpacked it in a bit more detail for you.

The University of Cape Town is looking to host an exhibition that forms part of a collaborative effort with other higher learning to reflect on the impact of the FeesMusfall protest on students. The exhibition's organiser discusses in more detail what the event will entail.

South Africa's unemployment rate is the highest it has ever been, with youth taking up majority of the percentage. Graduates are often finding themselves unemployed which then begs the question, is obtaining a degree still worth it?

The Centre for World University Rankings, out of the Global 2000 list, has been released. Below you may see how the South African universities ranked.

Three universities of technology are faced with a dilemma, as graduates have not been able to register with a Council.  This has forced the Department Higher Education and Training to intervene.


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The government has set aside around R200 million for all the tertiary institutions affected by the recent floods in KwaZulu-Natal. 

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) is pleased with the increasing number of enrolments over the past few years in the Post School Education and Training (PSET) sectors.


A number of universities have opened their applications for the 2023 academic year. Students are welcome to apply to the universities listed below.

Parts of Kwazulu-Natal have been struck by floods which has even lead to many lives lost. Another aspect which has been affected is education so how have Universities been affected by these floods?

TVET College students had been in high spirits while travelling to celebrate an important event. Unfortunately, some individuals who had formed part of this community breathed their last on this day.


After you have graduated with a Bachelor's Degree, the next step is a postgraduate diploma programme. For a postgraduate diploma in management, it is important to know where you have opportunities to study.


A group of student activists from Walter Sisulu University have called into question the motive behind Sibongile Mani's guilty conviction. This is after the student was sentenced to five years for spending close to million rands after R14 million was mistakenly paid into her bank account.

If you're looking to apply at any of the following universities in the country this year, then familiarizing yourself with their application fees is a good idea. Here are the application fees of South Africa's public universities for 2022.