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Eskom is not a company; rather, it is a state-owned utility in South Africa. The full name of Eskom is "Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd," and it was established in 1923. Eskom is responsible for generating, transmitting, and distributing electricity to South Africa, as well as neighboring countries like Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, and Swaziland.

Because it is a State Owned Company Eskom is a popular employer and provides many great career options. It currently employs about 42,000 staff in its various divisions.

On this page you will find all information about Eskom including all their latest vacancies, and how to apply for jobs at Eskom.

Most Common Eskom Vacancies Available From Time To Time

These are the most common vacancies that are available from time to time at Eskom. They may not all be available right now - but because Eskom is such a large employer there is a steady turnover of staff and regular vacancies become available.

Eskom, the South African electricity public utility, typically has a range of job vacancies available across various departments and skill sets. Some of the most common vacancies include:

  1. Engineering Positions: This can include electrical, mechanical, civil, and chemical engineers who work on the design, maintenance, and operation of Eskom's power generation infrastructure.

  2. Technicians: Technicians are needed for maintaining and repairing equipment in power plants, and key responsibilities include installing and maintaining electrical systems.

  3. Project Managers: Eskom often has projects related to infrastructure development, renewable energy integration, and grid expansion, requiring skilled project managers to oversee these initiatives.

  4. Finance and Accounting Professionals: These positions involve key responsibilities like financial planning, budgeting, accounting, and auditing functions within Eskom's financial department and must have related minimum experience.

  5. Human Resources Personnel: HR professionals are required for recruitment, employee relations, training, and other HR functions to support Eskom's workforce.

  6. Information Technology (IT) Specialists: With increasing digitalization and reliance on technology, Eskom needs IT professionals for network administration, cybersecurity, software development, and other IT-related roles.

  7. Environmental Specialists: Given the environmental impact of power generation, Eskom often hires professionals specializing in environmental management, compliance, and sustainability and must have related minimum experience.

  8. Legal and Regulatory Experts: Legal professionals help Eskom navigate regulatory frameworks, contracts, and legal matters related to its operations.

  9. Health and Safety Officers: Those with this job title are responsible for ensuring workplace safety and compliance with health regulations is crucial in an industry like power generation, so health and safety officers play a vital role in Eskom.

  10. Customer Service Representatives: Eskom requires personnel to handle customer inquiries, complaints, and service requests, particularly in its customer service centers.

These are just some of the common job vacancies at Eskom, but the actual availability of positions may vary depending on the company's current projects, initiatives, and organizational needs. Prospective applicants should regularly check Eskom's official website or job portals for the latest job postings and updates and the related reference number.

Eskom plays a critical role in the South African economy, providing the majority of the country's electricity supply. It operates a number of power stations, including coal-fired, nuclear, hydroelectric, and renewable energy plants. However, in recent years, Eskom has faced significant challenges, including financial difficulties, operational issues, and controversies surrounding governance and corruption.

Impact of Load Shedding on the South African Economy

The utility's performance and operations have significant implications for the entire South African economy, as reliable electricity supply is crucial for industrial production, commerce, and daily life. As a result, Eskom often receives significant attention from the government, stakeholders, and the public, particularly during times of power shortages or load shedding. Load shedding has become a daily occurrence over much of the last 15 years.

In recent years the government has relaxed restrictions on renewable energy as one of the ways to combat the negative impacts of load shedding. This has included multiple phases of programmes to tender for major renewable energy plants to supply Eskom directly, and also tax incentives for private homes to install solar power systems on their rooftops.

Eskom Learnerships, Internships, Apprenticeships and Entry Level Eskom Jobs

Eskom will regularly offer Learnerships, internships and apprenticeships at their power stations and other locations. They don't have fixed starting dates so keep checking back on Careers Portal to see when new opportunities like these become available.


Eskom are recruiting for a YES programme for unemployed youth as part of the Presidency's initiative. If you are unemployed and would like to work for Eskom this could be the opportunity for you.

Are you interested in working for South Africa's leading energy provider? Keep reading to find out how to apply for a job at Eskom.

Fake job scams are an unfortunate reality in today's digital world. These scams often claim to offer well-paying positions with reputable companies like Eskom, using enticing language to lure unsuspecting applicants.

Rolling blackouts could pose a serious threat to the preparation of matriculants around South Africa. However, the education department is confident that this will not be the case.


Earlier this year, during the State Of The Nation Address (SONA) government made a commitment to ensure that 10,000 students were offered placement into the workplace to gain work experience that will allow them to complete their qualifications.

In the wake of the state-owned enterprise (SOE) failing to deliver adequate power to the country, the South African Students Congress (SASCO) and the South Africans Union of Students (SAUS) have urged for the replacement of the Eskom CEO and Minister Gordhan.

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) had last week requested for a meeting between the Department of Public Enterprise and Eskom managers in order to discuss the impact of load shedding on exams. The DBE expressed grave concern regarding the lack of electricity supply and load shedding during the examination period.

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