Gap Year

We're looking for keen, compassionate matrics and recent graduates with great English and Maths marks to join the YearBeyond volunteer programme.

Numerous Cape Town-based not-for-profit organisations (NPOs) have received a boost of youthful energy and expertise, thanks to 17 student volunteers who travelled all the way from the United States to make a difference in under-resourced communities.

Matrics who are tempted to take a year off after their school careers – whether it is because they feel they just need a break, or because they don’t yet know if or what they want to study – should think twice about their decision, an education expert says.


Unsure of what to do with your life? The Young Minds Entrepreneurship Programme is ideal for school leavers, current students and even graduates.


Are you nearing the end of your school career? Are you unsure about what to do after you finish the biggest phase of your young life thus far? Do you know that you want to make a success of your life, but don't know WHAT or HOW you want to do this?


Lalela Project seeks to recruit Volunteers to assist its facilitators, based in Cape Town.


Zoe-Life would like to give you a volunteering opportunity to connect with communities across the world.


Scalabrini has a variety of volunteering opportunities available.


Cheetah Outreach welcomes part-time and full-time volunteers who like the outdoors and the big cats.


Are you great in Maths and English? Year Beyond Programme is seeking compassionate matriculants or recent Graduates to help uplift the youth by volunteering their time.



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