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The University of South Africa better known to many by its acronym Unisa is one of South Africa's biggest university. It is also the largest Open Distance Learn And below here are some of the benefits that come with studying through the university.

Unisa has allocated a single examination period for the 2021 academic year. The exams will mostly take place online to accommodate for the Covid-19 restrictions. 

The Unisa examinations will be taking place over a single period at the end of the year. Unisa has communicated with regards to the exam timetable and has announced that all exams will be online. 

Unisa exam remarking applications are closing soon, so if you are unsatisfied with your results apply now. If you are struggling with how to apply or wondering whether or not you qualify we have all the answers here. 

Unisa has announced that due to various delays, they have now made some changes to the academic calendar. They have also shifted a few things with tuition and assessments.

Unisa has stepped up and provided clarity after many students bashed the University management for the changes made to the academic calendar. Unisa also received backlash for their decision to accept fewer first-time entering students in 2021 and has now responded to this as well.

Thousands of Unisa students have started a petition and are against the University saying that they will only have one registration period and one examination period for the 2021 academic year. These decisions are due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the effect it has on the education sector.

Unisa's 2021 academic year will commence in March 2021 and they therefore had to make some changes to ensure that all students are able to successfully complete the 2021 academic year. This included declaring that there will only be one examination period for 2021.

Employees of UNISA marched in order to have their grievances on the dissatisfaction of the University's administration heard. Workers have said that the University is exploiting them and that they did not expect this from an institution as large as UNISA.

Unisa has announced that they will be making changes to the October/November 2020 examination timetable. This comes after the University completed their first semester online examination period which did not come without it's own bumps and delayed side effects such as with the release of results.

Unisa students have completed their May/June examination period. The University has now started releasing exam results. 

Unisa has seen a lot of hiccups since their examination period started end of June. They have now made many changes and have also provided more instructions for students to have a swifter exam experience online. 

Due to technical glitches and postponements that have happened, Unisa is working on a solution for students who could not write their exams in the past two weeks. They have also made a further announcement concerning exam dates.

Unisa has started their exams but students have been experiencing glitches and last minute postponements. Unisa's Deputy Dean of Education, Veronica Mckay spoke to Radio 702 on how Unisa handles these issues as well as what further moves Unisa is making. 

Unisa announces that those students who are currently registered will get a major boost on data and connectivity ahead of the May/June 2020 examinations.

Unisa has announced that it will have no venue-based exams and that alternative assessments will take place. With the examination period fast approaching, how is it going to work?

Unisa is set to commence their May/June examination period soon. The University has announced the release of the examination timetables for students. 

The national lockdown has caused problems for many students who are studying from home and attempting to submit assignments.  Unisa has recognised the problems they are having by allowing an extension to the submission date for assignments.

Unisa has an open applications policy, but students should always ensure that the qualifications for which they wish to apply are not oversubscribed for that particular semester or year.

Unisa have informed students that they are working on plans to allow the May/June exams to still go ahead despite the national lockdown currently underway.  They have been dealing with the NSRC and Department of Health in working out the plans to allow the exams to go ahead while keeping students safe.