Zweli Mkhize

South Africa now has over 1 million cases as we continue to battle Covid-19 and the changes which arrived along with it. We now bring you the latest Covid updates and statistics in the country.

South Africa has received an unwelcome early Christmas present! The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is here with over 6000 new infections reported in one day. The national Minister of Health, Dr Zweli Mkhize has delivered the bad news that four provinces are now providing the highest number of new cases - and they are some of the largest provinces! 

President Cyril Ramaphosa has addressed what every South African has now been wondering about. Ramaphosa has now given his view on the rumour that a hard lockdown will soon be put in place. Government is now said to be looking into South Africa's rising infection rates and possible resurgence.

A question we've all been thinking about which is finally being spoken about more seriously: will we soon be put under a hard lockdown? A Premier has recently made a comment which makes this question seem like a possible reality, a very near one.

Many fear that now that South Africa has officially moved into Level 1 of lockdown, a second wave of Covid-19 will be seen and the battle will start all over again. Prof Shabir Madhi, from Wits University has given us a look into whether a second wave will occur and also where the country stands with the vaccine.

Today marked the first official day of Lockdown Level 1 which sees South Africans gain more freedom as we inch towards our normal lives, or rather our new normal lives. Health Minister of South Africa, Zweli Mkhize, does not want citizens to become careless now as we move to the lowest level of this National Lockdown.

All South Africans are now waiting for the President to announce Lockdown Level 1. This comes as we see government consider the easing of further regulations with many experts saying that Level 1 is coming soon.

Regular South African citizens aren't the only ones hoping that Lockdown Level 1 comes into effect soon but so does the country's health minister. Mkhize seems very optimistic that it might happen sooner than we thought as statistics shows us many positives.

The Health Department has recruited thousands of interns which they say is part of the biggest medical intern allocation programme in history. These interns will help in the frontline battle against Covid-19. South Africa is said to now be getting over it's Covid peak.

There have been positive signs showing that South Africa is now able to take steps towards a life of adjusted normalcy, said Health Minister Mkhize. Life will never be normal again or normal in the way we saw before but this is good news as the country has been under lockdown for five months now.