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The advocacy group, Youth Capital has said that the South African government should prioritise youth unemployment in the medium-term budget as more than 9 million young people are unemployed in the country. 

The lack of job security for the youth continues to be a prevailing issue in South Africa. Project Lead at Youth Capital, Kristal Duncan-Williams breaks down how the organisation wants to reduce youth unemployment. 

As youth unemployment continues to be a major challenge in South Africa an organisation is taking steps to address the challenges faced by the youth in the country.


As the start of this year's final Matric exam draws closer, the question arises as to what kind of jobs would be best suited for those who may not want to pursue further education after Matric. 

The Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE) has released a shocking report which reveals details about the youth unemployment crisis in South Africa. The reports said the CDE finding is evident of the country's July unrest, which led to the looting of businesses. 

Deputy President David Mabuza announced that the government plans to incentivise discouraged work-seekers and employers to address the rising youth unemployment issue in the country. 

South African youth unemployment rate is by far the highest in the breakdown of the statistics recently released by Stats SA with youth at 23%, followed by graduates at 11%. Read further for more.

President Cyril Ramaphosa is known for encouraging the youth to step up and get involved in the affairs of the country, but his recent cabinet reshuffle tells the opposite. Read further for more details.

Kristal Duncan-Williams from Youth Capital gave some advice for Matrics looking to enter the workforce immediately. Youth unemployment is a major issue in South Africa and greater focus needs to be placed on not only graduates looking for work, but Matriculants as well.

Youth Capital wants to help solve the main challenges that face South Africa's youth with work that expands far greater than this. Kristal Duncan-Williams from Youth Capital explained what Youth Capital is and what they do.

It's time for the South African youth to consider alternative ways of seeking and keeping employment. This appears to be the case as it seems more of the country's youth is unable to secure employment.


Applications for the 2021 Youth Capital Influencer Programme are open. Are you passionate about finding solutions to youth unemployment? You should join!

By Walter Matli. Most young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in South Africa continue to be denied access to information and communications technology because of poor infrastructure and the digital divide. Digital illiteracy contributes to youth unemployment but the cost of mobile data is part of the problem.

TikTok is launching SkillsUP, a campaign which aims to improve digital skills development in South Africa. This will empower local communities and give them access to digital skills which can come as a major benefit in skills development. 

Youth unemployment is a massive issue, and a crises, in Africa which is steadily rising. You can help combat youth unemployment with just your device and completing a quick questionnaire.