Wits University

Are you looking to study at Wits or currently studying at Wits and wondering if NSFAS will fund your studies? Keep on reading to find out if they do and what they offer.

Even though the national shutdown has been called off, students are continuing to protest and take to the streets. The public is fed up but the SA Union of Students argues that students have every right to protest.

The University of the Witswatersrand, better known as Wits, produces more millionaires than any other university in SA. If you want to be a part of that statistic one day, apply now!

Wits SRC assists many students with registration by starting their own fundraiser. Though protesting has died down, we have not seen the end of the movement for free education, public policing and justice. 

A pat on the back is in order for the student representative council at Wits who raised R4 million to pay student registration fees and student debt. This is part of a bigger goal in their '21 million in 2021 Campaign'.

Student protests have escalated to a nationwide shutdown and students say they aren't demanding anything they weren't already promised.

After the death of a civilian, the police are being investigated for the murder of an innocent man, and their training is in question. Wits university students should be allowed to peacefully protest and exercise their human rights without the disruption of police brutality. 

We have all been shaken by the death that came from the Wits protest on Wednesday. Now, the University, along with Minister and many organisations have responded, with dismay nonetheless. Students now want further action to be taken, even more than before.

Funding constraints for universities create stress and talk of a possible #FeesMustFall movement and deserving students are being left out of funding schemes because, of Covid-19 related budget cuts and students stuck in the system.

Wits university students continue to protest while on the other side of things, Wits has said that they do provide for financially needy students. South Africa is in such a large amount of student debt that universities are no longer able to solve this problem alone and requires the work of the nation to assist them with this problem.