Western Cape Education Department


The Equal Education Law Centre has taken legal action against the Western Cape Education Department over seven learners who have not been placed at a school in the Metro East District. 


For many years schools have been dealing with a very serious issue of bullying among pupils at school and in their communities. In an effort to address the issue, the Western Cape Education Department launched an anti-bullying campaign.

Western Cape schools saw a fewer number of learners attending as they reopened schools on Monday. It's not clear if the taxi violence has completely stopped in the province but it has been impacting the number of learners present at schools.

Residents of Cape Town have been living in fear the past few weeks as taxi violence continues. With schools reopening from 26 July, there is now concern about how taxi violence could impact the return to schools.

The Western Cape Education MEC issued a statement confirming that district officials are investigating the DF Malan High School homophobia allegations.

The Western Cape Education Department says that it is implementing a plan to place the learners who are currently registered as unplaced in the province. 

Western Cape are still dealing with thousand of learners who have not been placed in schools. The Western Cape Department of education are uncertain on what to do about the situation, while the Legal Resource Centre is working to uncover the reason behind the learner still being unplaced

The Department of Education says over 5,000 learners have still not been placed at schools in the Western Cape. Education department says many of the learners applied late.

By Marecia Damons

After the release of the 2020 matric results, Western Cape Education MEC Debbie Schäfer stated that the pace of change in the Education system is very slow.

According to the Western Cape Education Department, over 10 000 learners still need to be placed at schools in the province.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) will challenge Western Cape Education Department's (WCED) statements that no race exclusions took place at the Brackenfell High event saga. The EFF insists that the Minister was dismissing the allegations of racism from the beginning.

Debbie Schäfer, the Minister of Education Western Cape, has confirmed that the alleged whites-only Brackenfell High event was a private function organised by parents and that no exclusions based on race were made.

Current and former Brackenfell students have now also spoken out on racism experienced at the school and Brackenfell continues to be slashed following an alleged 'whites-only' event. The school is now taking their response to the protests another step forward.

The drama filled situation at Brackenfell High School has died down but continues in the background. The debacle has even managed to garner a hashtag of it's own on social media. Now, even the Premier is stepping in as the parties involved are being urged to hash out the issue through dialogue instead of fists.

Fists flying, police firing stun grenades and angry confrontations were the order of the day outside the Brackenfell High School this morning.  Protests that started on Friday continued today and looked like they could escalate further as tension and anger grew on both sides.

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) released a draft guideline on gender identity and sexual orientation within public schools. However, Equal Education and the Equal Education Law Centre do not agree with this guideline as it deeply flawed.

The Western Cape Education Department has released a draft of Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation guidelines. These guidelines are the first of their kind to be introduced to the South African school system.