Friday marks the last day for parents and guardians to accept school admission offers from the Education Department. This comes after various provinces opened school applications for the 2023 academic year.

Have you submitted a school application to the Western Cape Education Department? Here's how you can track it and the next steps you should take.

The Equal Education Law Centre has taken legal action against the Western Cape Education Department over seven learners who have not been placed at a school in the Metro East District. 


Have you applied for your child's school admission for 2023 yet? This is now your last chance to apply as the Western Cape Education Department will soon close school admission applications.

As the matric class of 2021 begins their final exams, Western Cape Education MEC Debbie Schäfer has issued a warning against any potentially disruptive behaviour.

Violence against teachers has become a cause for concern in the Western Cape, as more pupils have been reported for attacking teachers on school premises. The spokesperson for the provincial department of education discusses how they have been addressing this issue. 

Parents in the Western Cape have been left devastated after not being able to place their children for the 2022 school year. Meanwhile, the provincial education department maintains that pupils who applied for 2021 have been placed.


A grade 6 teacher was fatally shot at a school in Philippi, Cape Town on Tuesday. It is believed that the incident is related to a troublesome pupil who had been sent to the principal's office by the teacher.  

Western Cape’s Education Department is now urging those Matriculants who are eligible to get vaccinated as the Matric final exams approach. Recently, the Department of Basic Education released the final Matric exam timetable.

Residents of Cape Town have been living in fear the past few weeks as taxi violence continues. With schools reopening from 26 July, there is now concern about how taxi violence could impact the return to schools.

You can now apply to be an Examination Assistants at December 2021 marking centres for the Western Cape Education Department. 

The ANC along with Parents for Equal Education SA are planning to take the Western Cape Education Department to court to make them address the issue of unplaced learners in Western Cape. The school year is currently in the middle of it's second term.

Applications to be placed in a school have closed and now the Western Cape Education Department is busy with the placement of learners. They have now urged parents to accept admission offers.

The Western Cape Education Department says that it is implementing a plan to place the learners who are currently registered as unplaced in the province. 

Discussions are currently underway on whether learners should not all be going to school five days a week, as it was pre-pandemic. This could also be happening soon as the first term is about to end.

Western Cape are still dealing with thousand of learners who have not been placed in schools. The Western Cape Department of education are uncertain on what to do about the situation, while the Legal Resource Centre is working to uncover the reason behind the learner still being unplaced

The Department of Education says over 5,000 learners have still not been placed at schools in the Western Cape. Education department says many of the learners applied late.

By Marecia Damons

Applications to be enrolled in Western Cape schools close today. The application system opened on 26 February. Applications can be submitted both online and manually.

School children and teachers are being traumatised by high amount of gang violence in surrounding area. A sustainable solution in required to access the issue of gang violence. 

Applications for school admissions in the Western Cape have now been extended. This allows parents and guardians more time to register learners for the 2022 school year.