Varsity College Courses

Varsity College Courses are very popular with students as they are modern and well presented by the Varsity College academic staff. All Varsity College courses are accredited through the IIE which is the company that owns VC. They are registered with the SA Department of Higher Education and Training and all of their courses are accredited. As well as South African accredititation they are also accredited internationally. 

Many students may not opt to pursue their Accounting degree at major public universities and colleges and fortunately South Africa boasts many colleges and independent or private colleges which also offer Accounting courses. 

Would you love to study at Fedisa Fashion School? Find out how to apply to study at Fedisa below.

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Would you like to study at STADIO? Find out how to apply to study at STADIO below.

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Are you looking to study at IIE Vega School? Find out how to apply to study at IIE Vega below.

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IIE Varsity College offers full-time, part-time and online programmes. Applying to study at IIE Varsity College is simple. Simply follow the steps below to apply.

Northlink College is a nationally registered TVET College. Applying to study at Northlink College is simple. Simply follow the steps below to apply.

Whether you are new, returning or a prospective student at Varsity College. The private college has made it more convenient for you to access information through their student portal. Read more to find out how to do so.

With the world currently going through a pandemic, studying online may be more of an appealing option if you prefer to study at home. Well, Varsity College has you covered with a variety of distance online courses. Here is a list of them below.

A background in Logistics offers one the qualification to be able to oversee or organize the transportation, storage and distribution of goods within a business’ supply chain, which represents a vital part of the business’ ability to perform efficiently. For someone who has their sights set on a career in Logistics, South African private and public universities offer a great variety of qualifications within this field to choose from.

A main point of concern for every student looking to pursue tertiary studies, is the cost of education, especially when it comes to private institutions. Fortunately, the Independent Institute of Education (IIE) Varsity College, has recently released the proposed fee costs for studying in the year of 2022. Being that the college is of private status, the fees are likely to differ from public institution fees, but provide great insight into private institution costs.

Varsity College offers full and part time courses for students, including certificates, diplomas and degree courses. Here are the Varsity College courses available.

Are you interested in applying for a scholarship programme for 2022? You don't want to miss this opportunity. The IIE Varsity College’s Scholarship Programme is the largest of its kind in South Africa.

Up-skill your way into the future. Up-skill for a new world of work today, your way with Varity College. Apply for a distance IIE qualification that you can study online.

A degree in Public Relations can open the door to multiple career opportunities, including occupations in Marketing Coordination, Copywriting, Media Relations, Government Affairs, and so on. In South Africa, there are a number of tertiary institutions to choose from which offer the opportunity to study within this range of expertise.

If you're planning to study at Varsity College or already are, you might be questioning whether NSFAS will cover your fees for you. We have the answer so keep reading to find out.

Varsity College’s purpose is to provide “Quality Teaching for Quality Learning”, resulting in a premium tertiary education learning experience towards degrees, diplomas, higher certificates and Short Learning Programmes throughout South Africa. Students are encouraged to balance their pursuit of academic excellence with lifelong sport and cultural interests, while developing a sound sense of community.

Choose the right programme for you at IIE's Varsity College. Your education is an incredibly important investment of time and money. Varsity College is a Higher Education Institution – that is, they offer qualifications of the same type and level as other Higher Education Institutions like universities.

Registrations for the 2021 academic year are open at the IIE’s Varsity College. The IIE’s Varsity College’s mission is to ensure that all its students will be employable, have a broad range of analytical skills and work readiness skills, value diversity, have high ethical values, and become innovative, entrepreneurial, and creative.

Varsity College was established in 1991 and is a private higher education provider of the Independent Institute of Education (IIE). Varsity College is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training. The IIE is also recognised internationally by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) and is the only South African institution that carries a BAC accreditation. Varsity college aims to provide students with quality education by guiding students through acquiring the necessary skills to equip them for the revolutionised world. 

Still haven't figured out where you're going to be studying in 2021? Well, direct your attention to the IIE Varsity College. 2021 registration is now open.