The SRC at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) has voiced its concerns about some students still waiting for responses regarding their appeal applications and waiting on their NSFAS allowances.

The University of the Western Cape welcomes prospective students to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate courses for the 2023 academic year. Keep reading to find out how to apply. 

In the past two years, the country adopted to the new normal due to an unexpected emergence of the Covid-19 virus. Since then, graduation ceremonies had to be held virtually but things have now changed.


The University of the Western Cape (UWC) has made financial aid available to students who are academic achievers but financially lacking. Here's how UWC financial aid works. 

The University of the Western Cape and the Cape Peninsula University have announced that in-person graduation ceremonies will commence soon. Which is very exciting for this year’s graduates.

As society starts going back to normal, several universities in South Africa have allowed for students to return to campus. The return to campus could have a positive influence on students, as more resources will be available with contact learning. Here's a list of universities that will be returning to on-campus learning this year.

Registrations at the University of the Western Cape has opened and students are now able to register online. Registration dates are available for new, returning undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

A Union in the Western Cape is appalled by the actions of security personnel towards university students. An incident involving University students took place on a Friday night with injuries to follow.

University of the Western Cape students allege to have been evicted from the university's residences. Now, the University's spokesperson has given the University's side of the story.

As most tertiary institutions gear up for the upcoming academic year, while grappling with the Covid-19 Pandemic. The University of The Western Cape has recently released its interim Covid-19 policy for the 2022 academic year.

Searching for where you want to study? South Africa has a great variety of Universities for you to choose from so here are the top 10 Universities in the country.

UWC Finally Breaks Their Duck With Varsity Women’s Cup Triumph 

The women’s soccer team from the University of the Western Cape (UWC) are champions at last. They were crowed Varsity Women’s Cup champions after losing the 4 of the last 5 finals of the competitions. 

Do you want to study at the University of the Western Cape but you're unsure of how to apply? Well we can help. Keep reading to find out how to apply to UWC. 

The University of Western Cape has rejected laptops from NSFAS as the bursary scheme was taking too long to deliver these laptops to students. The University has now opted to provide the laptops however its SRC has criticised them for not giving students a choice between opting for a laptop or taking the book allowance. 

If you want to study next year, you need to start by applying. The key is to find out the 2022 institution application dates. Applying for tertiary studies can be challenging to find out the details you need. From finding out the application dates so that you can start collecting all of the documents required. Application dates may vary and/or change due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Most colleges are opening up for 2022 applications during the month of May. 

NSFAS is a financial aid scheme which offers bursaries to students that come from poor and working class families. You might ask, do they fund students who are at the University of the Western Cape?

The University of the Western Cape has financially cleared all students so that they may register for the 2021 academic year. They will still be expected to submit a payment plan to the university next month, and students with outstanding debts are required to sign an acknowledgement of debt with the institution.

2021 Applications for financial assistance at the University of the Western Cape are now open. UWC has many options for students who need assistance when it comes to paying for their studies.

If you are a first year student and you're unsure of how registration at UWC works, we're here to help! Keep reading to find out more about first year registration. 

Have you applied at the University of the Western Cape to study further? You will then need to track your application and we can tell you how to do that.