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Revising past papers is a great way to prepare for exams. It's the most effective way, in fact - if you want to know what kind of questions you may be faced with in your exams, the best way to find out is to actually face them, and that means going through as many past papers as you can get your hands on.

Studying for exams is an inevitable part of life as a student, and one that can be so stressful and tiring. But there are ways of making it easier on yourself! 

It is now prime application season for colleges and Universities. If you're planning on studying further in 2023, here are the Universities who open University applications in June.

A recently released survey indicates that university students are losing confidence in the quality of education at these institutions. The Professional Provident Society has issued a warning to the government to either step up or there could be severe consequences.


Students interested in studying at a South African university may begin applying. A number of tertiary institutions have opened their applications process. Here are the Universities open for 2023 application.

Located in the metropolitan area of the City of Johannesburg, the University of Johannesburg (UJ) has made the country proud in global university rankings.


For the longest time, the introduction of new systems has planted fear in the minds of those hoping to be a part of the future workforce, as they worry about being replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Experts believe that this presents an opportunity rather than a threat.


The Center for World University Rankings has listed the top universities in the world including the top universities in South Africa. Here are the top universities in South Africa. 

South Africa may soon have two new universities, according to the Higher Education Department. The Department's recent 2022 performance plan report gives more details on how the project will be carried out.

Audiology is a profession that mainly deals with hearing and sound. A professional in this science field treats patients with hearing loss and if needs be, proactively prevents the diagnosed damage in its patient.


A national organisation that was recently established to represent students and staff in public universities is preparing to take the legal route against a number of public universities that are continuing to implement mandatory vaccine policies. 


If you wish to become a part of UJ, apply now. The University of Johannesburg has transformed into a diverse, inclusive, transformational and collegial institution. At UJ, they commit themselves to leading, challenging, creating and exploring knowledge.

If you wanting to study further in 2023, it's important for you to know when applications at Universities will be opening. Here's a list of all the Universities which will open 2023 University applications in April.

With a new year now fully in swing, a new season of searching where to study begins. Some Universities in South Africa have already opened their 2023 applications while others will soon do the same.

If you are interested in attending the University of Johannesburg but are not sure what courses are on offer, then keep reading this article to find out which courses are offered by the University of Johanessburg.

Do you want to study at the University of Johannesburg and enrol in one of their prestigious courses? Here is how the university determines entry requirements for courses.

If you have registered at the University of Johannesburg and are wondering if you have completed registration or want to know how to complete your registration, then we're here to help you figure out how you can do that.

University of Johannesburg (UJ) students recently staged a protest at the Auckland Park campus in Johannesburg against the institution’s vaccine mandate. The university's SRC president has given further details on the student body's stance against the policy.

In the past few weeks, students have been in protest in various universities across the country. New developments have been taking place, as some students are still facing registration issues.


This years’ registrations at institutions of higher learning has been challenging as a number of students had financial blocks which held them back from registering. Higher Education Minister has shared the progress his department has been making to solve student issues. 


been financially blocked, student formations along with fellow students were in protest in various institutions. Higher Education Minister shared on the progress that has been made by his department in terms of tackling these student issues.